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HR Module Implementation

HR Module Implementation – Case study

About the client

Major SI company in Japan providing technology-enabled solutions to all its clients across the globe through its offices located in different geographies.


This organization wanted to take a global approach to HR and use ServiceNow as their platform-of-choice to automate HR as a shared service. Many departments understood the strategic use of the platform could be the key to the digital transformation they needed to prepare them for the changing landscape to come. The organization transformed its employee experience through the implementation of a streamlined, intuitive Service Portal.


  • The vast depth and breadth of its operations made it difficult to maintain a centralized vision of IT. There was no uniform employee experience across its departments. This absence of a unified vision translated into a lack of unified processes ‒ meaning employees were starting off on the wrong foot, often struggling to onboard or find critical paperwork and increasing new hires’ time to productivity.
  • Leadership needed more visibility into the types of employee service request they were receiving.
  • Managers wanted the same functionality with tools and processes at work that makes their personal lives easier, in other words: a consumer-grade experience.
  • Employees worldwide all wanted the same service experience no matter where they may be located and to be able to get instant answers and the right solutions for their problems.

Solution Provided

To improve the company’s overall visibility Fidel’s team created an intuitive, efficient Service Portal. The new solution provided a “one-stop-shop” for IT services and knowledge.
Restored an intuitive and delightful experience for users to open new requests or to find what they need with self-service.


50+ HR Services Configured

100+ HR Catalog Items created

Over 100+ Knowledge Articles

Imported, Conditioned, and Related to Parents

10+ Different Connect Support (Chat Queues)

100+ Response Templates created for HR agents to drive consistent communication with employees

Over 100+ email notifications created in 2 languages