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Effective Catalog Management ServiceNow

Effective Catalog Management in ServiceNow for IT Multinational Company – Case study

About the client

Client is from Japan providing IT Services across the globe. They have 400 offices globally spread across different countries. The company is operating in different time zones, following different work cultures and Languages.


  • Clients have many Software licenses, stock of electronic gadgets like PCs, Laptops, Mouse, Keyboards, USBs etc. They were following many different systems built by different vendors. Since using multiple systems was creating issues, they wanted a centralized system to distribute and track the asset allocation among the employees and multilevel approval structure for allocation.
  • Clients used to face a lot of issues while using manual processes. It was Time Consuming, difficulty in Tracking Status of Requests etc.
  • Requests can get approved or rejected by the Manager. Once the action takes place, users have to receive an email notification.


  • Each Product has different vendors.
  • Even small changes were time consuming and difficult
  • Complex process, difficult to manage
  • Multiple Language support needed

Solution Provided

Fidel’s team first started with analyzing various issues in the current system. After analyzing all the current issues the client is facing and the requirements, the team came up with a solution, based on ServiceNow Catalog Management, to create a service catalog for the users.

In the service catalog, listed all the preview details of items available. Also, the user can add any note if necessary. The user can add the item to the cart so whenever he/she needs they can request the item or he/she can place an order for the selected items. Once the order gets placed it goes for the multilevel approval (Approval authority are HR, Manager, Admin, IT Manager).

Then the workflow starts where all the approvers get an email for the requested item and can see the list of requested items in his/her instance with Request Number. Then the approver can open the request one by one and check for the item details and he/she can approve or reject the request and then it goes to the manager. Manager will go through the request again and decide whether to approve/reject. As per the approval, the workflow will send the notification to the requested user and end the Process. So, the user can see the items got approved or rejected. If it gets approved then it will display the delivery time as well on this side.

Benefits after using Fidel Team’s solutions based on ServiceNow Catalog

  • Automated Business Process
  • Centralized Request Management via Service Catalog
  • Same system is available to all users across globe
  • Location independent, Cloud based
    User Friendly
  • Multiple languages available for user in ServiceNow
  • Self Service possible
  • Easy Status Tracking
  • Cost and Time Saving
  • Increased user satisfaction