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Dental Localization Case Study

Dental Localization Case Study – Fidel Helped in European Market Expansion

About the client:

Dental localization case study: The client is a leading Africa-based provider of unique and innovative dental implant products with a focus on top-end professional users who want more choices. Their expertise in research, development and manufacturing of dental implants allows them to provide Innovative Treatment Solutions that will reduce treatment times and improve patient outcomes.


The client needs various content like catalogs, marketing content, user manuals, poster, etc. for their Innovative Treatment Solutions product. These materials must be available in 28 European languages to effectively communicate with diverse audiences across Europe. This includes not just translation, but also localization and desktop publishing (DTP) to ensure the content is culturally appropriate and visually appealing.

Project Details:

Source Language:

Target Languages: 28 European languages
Tools and Technology Used: CAT Tool – Trados
Desktop Publishing (DTP): Adobe InDesign


  1. Translating the content into 28 European languages. Each language carries its nuances, cultural sensitivities and linguistic intricacies, necessitating meticulous attention to detail to ensure accurate and effective communication.
  2. The dental implant industry is a highly specialized field that demands a profound grasp of the intricate terminology, procedures and technical concepts involved.
  3. The translation process extends beyond mere linguistic conversion; it encompasses Desktop Publishing (DTP) and rigorous review by experienced professionals. Seamless coordination among translators, designers and reviewers is crucial to maintaining consistency, visual appeal, and linguistic accuracy throughout the materials.
  4. As a provider of dental implant products, the client is required to comply with the stringent Medical Device Regulation guidelines. These regulations govern the translation and localization of medical device documentation, including user manuals and instructions for use. Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in significant legal and financial consequences.
  5. Given the complexity and volume of content involved, delivering the multilingual deliverables within the client’s specified time frame was a substantial challenge. Efficient project management, resource allocation and streamlined workflows are essential to ensure timely delivery without compromising quality.

Addressing these challenges requires a well-coordinated effort involving experienced language service providers, subject matter experts and a robust project management framework. By assembling a team of specialized linguists and reviewers and implementing rigorous quality assurance processes, it is possible to overcome these obstacles and deliver high-quality, compliant multilingual deliverables that meet the client’s exacting standards.

Solutions Provided – Dental Localization Case Study:

28 European Languages Translation:

  • Fidel ramped up the team of native linguists with expertise in the 28 European languages, ensuring regional variants and dialects are covered.
  • Implemented a robust translation management system with centralized translation memories and termbases to ensure consistency across all language versions.

Domain Expertise:

  • In this life science localization project, we assembled a team of linguists and reviewers with specialized knowledge and experience in the life science translation domain, particularly in implantology.
  • Collaborated closely with subject matter experts from the client’s team for guidance and validation.

Translation, DTP and Experienced Reviewer:

  • Established a well-defined workflow integrating translation, DTP and review stages.
  • Implemented a rigorous quality check process with subject matter experts validating the accuracy and appropriateness of the translated content.
  • Skilled DTP professionals assigned to ensure that the translated content maintains the original design intent, layout, and formatting across all language versions.

Within Time Limit Delivery:

In this dental translation case study, we successfully completed a substantial volume of translation and DTP work per month, meeting project deadlines consistently.


In this project, Fidel’s innovative solutions have sparked remarkable market growth for the client in the European arena, accompanied by a notable surge in revenue. By seamlessly localizing marketing materials into 28 European languages, Fidel has enabled the client to penetrate diverse markets, unlocking new avenues for customer engagement and driving substantial revenue growth. This strategic approach has not only expanded the client’s reach but has also solidified its position as a leading player in the competitive European market landscape.