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WordPress Website Localization to Japanese

WordPress Website Localization to Japanese – Case study

About the client

The client is the Leading SaaS company.


  • The client needed to localize WordPress Website to the Japanese language using their WPML plugin.
  • Matching content and style with their English website.

Wordpress Website Localization to Japanese WPML 1


  • To expand business in the Japan market, the client wanted to Translate their website content into the Japanese language.
  • The client wanted to add translated text with proper style in their WPML plugin.
  • Required to follow language rules and regulations to maintain the style of the website.

Solution Provided

  • A team of Japanese linguists was assembled by Fidel for this project. They translated and reviewed all the content on the client`s website and sent it as HTML and Excel documents.
  • Having the HTML format file helped to understand the website’s content style ( Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.)
    We analyzed the WPML plugin.
  • Created SEO-compliant translated website.
  • Maintained all tags on the website.
  • Added translated content to the WPML plugin, following the client site’s content and style.


  • It helped the client to enter a new market and establish its brand successfully.
  • This helped them create a broader user base and enhance business volume.
  • It helped the client to expand into the Japanese market.