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Creation of Subscription based Articles Platform using Laravel

Creation of Subscription-based Articles Platform using Laravel – Case Study

About the client

The client is a Japanese article publisher company. They are a leading platform that publishes detailed information articles on Fintech, Digital Transformation, news commentary, etc. They are flat-rate information distribution services provider to the target audience.


The client wanted to create a website to publish articles related Fintech and Digital transformation (DX) for users who works in banking sector. Client wanted many customizations in their website as follow:

Admin Panel Requirements:

  1. Admin users should have the ability to add and publish new articles.
  2. Admin users should be able to view a list of registered users.
  3. Admin users should have the ability to add or update subscription plans.
  4. Admin users should be able to set a publish date for articles. a. Articles scheduled for publication should automatically become visible on the front-end site on the specified date.

Front Panel Requirements:

  • Subscription facility for users to purchase access to all articles.
  • Two user roles: individual users and corporate users.
  • Same subscription service for both roles, with corporate users receiving a discounted price per user.
  • Option to publish free articles for guest users to view without signing up.
  • Search feature to find related articles.
  • Integration with GMO payment gateway for user payments.
  • Responsive design for access from anywhere and any device.
  • View and search articles and their details on homepage and listing page.

Project details:

Tools and technology used:

  1. Programming Language: PHP, Jquery, JavaScript .
  2. Framework: Laravel
  3. UI: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS

Challenges :

  • The entire project documentation, instructions, and relevant materials was accessible in the Japanese language.
  • Streamlining the subscription process for both individual and corporate users.
  • Payment gateway documentation was not available in English and integration process was really hard because of scarcity of information on the internet.

Solution Provided :

  • Taken help from Japanese Translator to translate all requirements about project. Ensuring clear communication with any Japanese stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Making Research and development on the subscription process involves studying various aspects such as user experience, payment options, recurring billing, and user management. By understanding these elements, we designed and implemented a subscription flow that meets the client needs.
  • Payment Integration refers to integrating payment gateway services into your project. To accomplish this, we conducted R&D and ensure the successful integration of payment services.
  • Website has facility to search related articles and user can make payment via payment gateway to purchase website subscription.
  • User can able to access website from anywhere and any devices.

Result :

The client’s articles have garnered significant visibility across Japan, providing valuable information to their users. The client has successfully leveraged the subscription facility to generate revenue through the publication of new articles. The website is currently live and operating seamlessly, ensuring a smooth user experience.