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E-Learning platform development in ServiceNow for employees

ServiceNow E-learning Platform Development, for Employees – Case Study

About the client

The client is one of the System Integrator Company in Japan and has an e-learning system, which is used for the goal and career management of employees. The system can be a valuable tool for employees who are looking to improve their performance and develop their careers. It helps employees to set clear goals, track their progress, and get the resources they need to succeed.

Project Details:

Tools and Technology used:-

  • Source Languages: Japanese
  • Programming Language: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and Angular JS.
  • ServiceNow – Service Portal is a front-end portal framework


Client wanted ServiceNow e-learning platform development.

There wanted many types of login roles such as HR, New employee, Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2, and Reviewer 3.

The ServiceNow e-learning platform development should have 2 patterns

  • Standard pattern – will be used as a template.
  • Customized pattern – will be used as per the needs of individual companies.


  1. Every user has been assigned multiple roles and according to those roles, the application works.
  2. Passing data from one widget to another widget using client and server script.
  3. Implementation of popup window using a class in Service Portal client scripts.
  4. Passing data from widgets in a class in Service Portal client scripts.
  5. Using SVF Cloud for creating reports.
  6. Implementing users, groups, parent groups, and roles in ServiceNow.

Solution provided for ServiceNow e-learning platform development:

We implemented in Service Portal concepts like Portal, Page, Widget, Table, and Form.We have used spModal to show popup widget and used libraries to show date picker. We have created one common widget for popup and only made changes. We implemented our solution for passing data from widget to a class in Service Portal client scripts and created new pages and widgets in Service Portal according to templates received from the client.


Our ServiceNow e-learning platform development is helping client’s employees to learn new skills and advance their careers, which can lead to increased engagement, satisfaction, and improved productivity.Our solution was a cost-effective way for the client to train their employees