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Secure Localization Data Transfer for an E-Commerce Company

Secure Localization Data Transfer for an E-Commerce Company – Case Study

About the client

A leading e-commerce company which has revolutionized the way we all shop in India. The company has made it possible for consumers to buy a wide range of products online, without having to go to a physical store. This has made shopping more convenient and efficient for consumers, and it has also helped to drive growth in the Indian e-commerce market.


Our client was quite sensitive about the way their data would be handled and wanted us to establish a process with minimum human intervention which would transfer the source data in a secure manner for the purpose of getting it localized into multiple target Indian languages.

Project details:

Service: Development and Localization in multiple languages.
Tools and Technology Used: PHP, Rest API


The client wanted us to use their own Localization System (LS) with an interface to transport the source data and an automation process to replace it with a translated version. The greatest challenge was to track and ensure smooth transportation of the fetched source data, export it in an online CAT tool, and return the translated version back to the client’s LS without any data loss.

Solution Provided

Fidel analyzed requirements and identified two key areas which plays important role in secure e-commerce data transfer and integration with client system.

  1. Secure Server with Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) compliance.
  2. PHP Rest API (MVC Model)

Based upon this Fidel laid out the flow for systemic integration between client system and Fidel’s Localization system with an API designed to track incoming & outgoing payloads and storing this information in a database.

  1. Client LS sends request to Fidel LS API, with JSON payloads containing unique id, the text to be localized, and relevant information.
  2. Fidel LS API responds with whether the request was successfully received.
  3. Fidel LS stores this information in database for translation and assigns this task to respective translators for translation via an online translation management system.
  4. Fidel LS is integrated with the online Translation management system using API and which the translators’ access to translate and process these requests ensuring only relevant data is shared with the linguists.
  5. Once the text in a request has been localized, the Fidel LS convert it into JSON payload and calls back the client LS API.
  6. Fidel LS has been trained to understand the language codes defined by client and same has been integrated in JSON for incoming and outgoing payloads.


Fidel not only deliver a high-volume localization project, but because we also understood their requirement for ensuring data security and went ahead and used our IT expertise to arrive at a solution which helped to.

  • eliminate the need for file sharing
  • ensure security of their source data
  • speed up and have fast turnaround time
  • could handle multiple language requests in limited
  • timetrack data movement and generate reports for the PM team.