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product development for management of apartment units renovations

Product Development for Management of Apartment Units Renovations – Case Study

About the client

Product development for the prominent Real Estate Company in Japan that specializes in managing apartment renovations and leases. However, their current processes heavily rely on manual data entry and Excel spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies, data discrepancies, and time-consuming tasks. To address these challenges and improve their operations, the client sought a product development and  centralized tool that would automate and streamline their renovation management activities.


  • The client required a unified tool that would significantly reduce manual work, eliminate the need for data re-entry and validation, and provide a consistent method for processing renovation-related data.
  • Client needed a central platform to record and display renovation management information, including renovation history, contract history tracking, move-outs, and rent tracking activities.

Project details:

Service: Product development
Tools and technology used: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, AWS, S3, AWS SES


  • Migration from offline to online processes: The client needed to transition their existing offline processes to an online system, requiring careful planning and execution.
  • Data discrepancies: Due to the manual data management process, inconsistencies and errors had emerged, leading to inaccurate reporting and analysis.
  • Manual report creation and unit analysis: The client relied on manual efforts to generate reports and analyze unit data, resulting in time-consuming tasks and potential errors.
  • Rapid product development pace: The client required a quick demo of the system to visualize its capabilities, necessitating a fast-paced development approach.
  • Importing and processing heavy Excel data: The client had large amounts of data stored in Excel files that needed to be imported and processed efficiently.

Product Development Case Study 1

Solution Provided

  • To address the client’s requirements and overcome the challenges, Fidel`s team adopted an agile product development approach, allowing for rapid development and iterative improvements.
  • We quickly scaled up our team size to accommodate the fast-paced development, consisting of 20 dedicated resources, including a Technical Project Manager, Business Analyst, Backend and Frontend developers, and testers.
  • Recognizing the importance of clear communication and understanding of the client’s existing processes, our native Japanese team interacts with the users and gathers detailed requirements.
  • This facilitated a smooth and efficient translation of their needs into actionable development tasks.
  • Throughout the project, we provided on-site support whenever required by the client.


  • By implementing our unified renovation management tool, the client experienced a significant reduction in manual work, eliminated data discrepancies, and achieved streamlined processes.
  • The centralized platform provided them with real-time insights, enabling efficient tracking of renovation history, contract management, move-outs, and rent-tracking activities.
  • Our engagement with the client resulted in enhanced operational efficiency, improved data accuracy, and a future-ready solution that supports their ongoing growth and success in the real estate industry.