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Multilingual WordPress Website Development

Multilingual WordPress Website Development – Case Study

About the client

The client is an American company that has a WordPress website in English for their product to sell worldwide. They want to translate their website into multiple languages to reach a wider audience and expand their business globally.

Business Requirement:

  • Translate the website into multiple languages.
  • Ensure that the translated website is accurate and culturally appropriate for each target language.
  • Implement a user-friendly language switcher on the website.
  • Optimize the website for search engines in each language.

Project Details:

Service: Development and Translation in multiple languages.
Source languages: English
Tools and Technology Used: WordPress

The Challenges:

The client wanted us to use an automation process to replace it with a translated version. The challenge was to track and ensure smooth process flows and to fetched source data, export it in an online CAT tool, and return the translated version back to the client’s system without any data loss.

The Solution:

  • Fidel’s Language Operations (LangOps) team came into the picture to perform language operations and make the procedure more efficient by using their technical skills and making optimum use of cutting-edge and adaptive software. LangOps team brought technology and language under one roof and provided the client with a centralized solution.
  • We suggested client to use certain plugins as the website is CMS based, these plugins helps in smoothing a process of extraction into required file format and supports import/export functionality.
  • Our LangOps team analyzed the client requirements and identified areas which would play an important role in providing secure translation process and integration with client’s system.


Multilingual wordpress website has been a success for our client. The website has seen a significant increase in traffic from their target markets .They have reached to a global audience, improving customer experience and increasing brand awareness, which in turn led to increased revenue.