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L1, L2 Remote Support for SaaS Solution

L1, L2 Remote Support for SaaS Solution – Case Study

Client Overview :

The client is a leading SaaS product company, offering a comprehensive platform that empowers businesses with various functionalities such as online appointment bookings, employee management, POS, marketing programs, CRM, and inventory management, accessible through mobile solutions.

Requirement :

With a global customer base, the client sought assistance in handling customer inquiries and providing support for their complex SaaS software across multiple countries including the US, UK, India, UAE, Australia, Canada, etc.


  • The client required a dedicated team capable of handling multiple processes, including onboarding, implementation, and post-implementation support.
  • As the SaaS software consisted of different modules catering to both small businesses and enterprise customers, the client needed experts proficient in analyzing and resolving customer issues and concerns.
  • They faced the challenge of lacking dedicated in-house support staff available 24/7 across different time zones.


  • Fidel provided a comprehensive support solution. We assigned the following roles for L1 and L2 support:
    1. Product Specialist: Assisted new customers by providing product overviews, facilitating onboarding, and implementing customer data on the SaaS software according to their specific requirements. They also helped existing customers understand the product and accommodated any requested changes.
    2. Implementation Consultant: Managed the implementation process for existing customers who were already subscribed to the SaaS product. This involved setting up new add-ons on their existing SaaS system setup.
    3. Product Support Person: Handled post-implementation queries and issues on the SaaS software in a 24/7 environment across multiple countries. L1 support addressed basic setup and inquiries, while L2 support catered to more complex and enterprise customers.
  • For quality assurance, we conducted validations and prepared a validation checklist, which was shared with the customer upon the final submission of the SaaS software setup.


  • By providing L1 and L2 remote support services for customer consulting, implementation, and post-implementation support, Fidel helped alleviate the client’s workload.
  • Our services, including 24/7 troubleshooting, swift implementation, and prompt query resolution, significantly improved user satisfaction.
  • As a result, the client received positive reviews and feedback, leading to increased revenue and company growth.