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India Market Entry Help to Japanese Electronic Company

India Market Entry Help to Japanese Electronic Company – Case Study

About the client:

The client is a leading Japanese company and a prominent player in the electronics industry. They stand out as a one-stop shop, providing both essential electronic components and comprehensive prototyping services. This unique combination allows them to support clients throughout the entire product development lifecycle, from initial concept to final production.

Client Requirements for Indian Market Entry:

The client required market research and analysis, Brand awareness strategy, and assistance in developing a market entry plan, including identifying distribution channels and establishing local partnerships for effectively navigating the Indian market landscape.


The client faced several hurdles in establishing its presence in India, including:

Unfamiliarity with the Indian market:

Lack of understanding regarding local business practices, regulations, and cultural nuances

Complex legal and regulatory landscape:

Difficulty navigating Indian legal requirements and obtaining necessary permits.

Finding the right partners and vendors:

Identifying trustworthy partners for various business aspects was challenging.

Establishing infrastructure and operations:

Setting up physical infrastructure, recruiting staff, and implementing operational processes required expertise.

Solution provided for seamless India Market Entry:

Fidel offered tailored solutions to address the client`s Indian market entry challenges:

Market research and analysis:

Conducted comprehensive research on the Indian electronics market, including customer demographics, competitors and regulatory frameworks.

Company formation and legal assistance:

Guided the client through company incorporation, licensing and compliance procedures.

Partner identification and selection:

Assisted in vetting and selecting reliable partners for logistics, distribution and legal support.

Infrastructure and operational setup:

Facilitated office space acquisition, recruitment and establishment of operational workflows.

Successful New Market Entry Results:

With Fidel’s support, the client accomplished significant milestones including:

Fidel India Market Entry Help Successful Entry Result

  • Smooth Indian market entry: Negotiated the legal and regulatory landscape efficiently, preventing delays.
  • Establishing partnerships: Secured reliable partners, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Operational efficiency: Established a functional office and recruited a competent team, expediting business launch.
  • Market growth: Successfully entered the Indian market and met growth targets.


Fidel’s expertise facilitated the client’s successful entry into the Indian market. By overcoming challenges related to legal compliance, market-entry and operational setup, the company achieved its growth objectives, highlighting the value of strategic partnerships in international expansion endeavors.