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Developing a PHP-based Financial Literacy Web Portal utilizing the Laravel Framework – Case Study

About Client:

The client is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting financial literacy among underprivileged citizens. They are committed to providing financial education in various Indian local languages, targeting rural populations, underprivileged segments, high school students, and elderly individuals. The NGO’s goal is to empower these individuals with knowledge about net banking, online shopping, online bill payment, and online money transfers.


  • Develop a comprehensive web portal in Laravel framework using PHP to support the NGO’s financial literacy initiatives.
  • The portal needed to offer an online test for users to assess their understanding of the learning content. Upon successful completion, users should receive a certificate with a QR code.
  • The platform also aimed to provide a user-friendly experience for various activities, including net banking, online shopping, bill payment, and money transfers.

    Project details:

    Service: Web Development
    Source language:English
    Tools and technology used:

    • PHP with Laravel framework for backend development and HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript for frontend development.
    • MySQL as database for storing the data.


    • The primary challenge was creating a mobile-responsive website with an intuitive user interface.
    • We also needed to implement secure registration and authentication mechanisms to ensure only legitimate users gained access.
    • Integrating QR codes into certificates for easy verification and embedding them using HTML was another challenge.
    • Simulating real online shopping and net banking experiences required meticulous attention to detail.


    • We used front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript to develop a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and interactive features.
    • Laravel’s built-in authentication functionality enabled secure registration and access control for protected routes.
    • We integrated the “phpqrcode” library to generate QR codes for certificates efficiently, even for bulk generation using loops. These QR codes were then seamlessly embedded into the certificate documents using HTML.
    • Creating a robust e-commerce platform and net banking platform using Laravel allowed us to deliver exceptional user experiences. Our simulated interactions provided users with a realistic understanding of online shopping and financial transactions.
    • Furthermore, we designed and implemented a digital financial literacy test page, enabling users to complete tests and obtain certification based on their performance.


    • The Financial Literacy Web Portal has been instrumental in raising awareness and providing accessible financial knowledge to rural communities.
    • By offering online experiences and simulations for everyday activities, we have empowered people to shop, pay bills, and conduct financial transactions online.
    • This has not only saved time and money but also educated them about online safety and avoiding scams.
    • Through this web portal, we have bridged the digital divide, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their background, have equal access to vital online resources.