ServiceNow Implementation Best Practices for Global Organizations

ServiceNow Implementation Best Practices for Global Organizations

ServiceNow implementation involves deploying and configuring the ServiceNow platform. The platform helps global enterprises automate and streamline various business processes concerning customer service, ITSM, HR, etc. Successful ServiceNow implementation requires professionals to adhere to some proven practices. As ServiceNow experts, FidelSoftech discusses the ten most vital ones.

10 Best Practices to Follow for Successful and Optimal ServiceNow Implementation

Following the best ServiceNow implementation practices enables MNCs to leverage the platform optimally and reap the best possible returns from their ServiceNow investment. Although experts like FidelSoftech handhold you through the process of ServiceNow implementation, knowing what to do while implementing ServiceNow can help.

1. Defining Business Needs, Goals and Making the Right Choice of Solution

Define your business needs, goals, and problems accurately to ensure you make the right choice amidst the numerous options available. You should make a choice that fits well within your existing workflows. If you are unsure about a solution, you can try out ServiceNow’s free trial to vet the available options.

2. Configuring ServiceNow Appropriately

The next step is to configure ServiceNow appropriately. Companies like FidelSoftech can help you do that seamlessly. It includes setting up user groups, authorizations, and roles and configuring the various models to meet the specific needs of your business.

3. Ensuring User Training

Ensure you train your users before going live. It will help them use the platform’s features and functionalities optimally. You can have your authorized ServiceNow partner conduct training either in-person or through webinars, etc.

4. Scaling Up Gradually

Scaling up immediately to take full advantage of the platform might be tempting. But avoid doing that. Begin with a small and manageable project before implementing ServiceNow at the organizational level. Starting small will help you and your users to adapt to the platform, handle issues that may arise, and thus use the platform optimally.

Once you feel confident about the platform’s use and have resolved most teething issues, you can start scaling up gradually.

5. Customizing Wherever Required

This is another crucial aspect. Often, companies attempt to leverage ServiceNow’s high customization capabilities. But you should avoid doing that, as excessive customization can make the platform highly complex. Instead, you must plan customization with your ServiceNow partner and identify the areas of customization.

6. Using ServiceNow’s Out-of-the-Box Functionality

ServiceNow is an evolved platform that thoroughly understands its client’s needs. Accordingly, it offers a range of out-of-the-box functionalities that you can use to achieve your goals without requiring you to reinvent the wheel. Leveraging these features and functionalities can save time and effort in building things from scratch.

7. Maintaining Data Quality

While implementing ServiceNow, ensure your data is consistent, accurate, and updated. Do this before you migrate to the platform. It will help you ensure that your processes and workflows are running as seamlessly as before.

8. Going Live in Phases

You’ve implemented ServiceNow and are all set to go live. But hold on. Instead of going live at once, do so in phases. A phased approach can help you make the required changes before fully migrating to the platform. Besides, a phased go-live process can allow users to adapt to the platform.

9. Monitoring, Adjusting, and Regular Updating

Continuous monitoring and adjusting are key to successfully implementing your ServiceNow platform. Accordingly, you should have your authorized ServiceNow partner change configurations as required, add new features or functionalities, change user access, and ensure regular updates to keep the platform competent and efficient.

10. Getting Expert Assistance

Managing ServiceNow can get complex and highly technical. Instead of hiring full-time resources, you can partner with a company like FidelSoftech that can take care of technical issues and provide you with the assistance you need at all times.

So, these were the best practices involved in ServiceNow implementation. Connect with us at to learn more about our 24/7 ServiceNow support. Our experts will be happy to help you with a comprehensive ServiceNow proposition.

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