MCCIA Interview with Fidel CEO

MCCIA Interview with Fidel’s CEO, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni


Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), Pune recently conducted an exclusive interview with the CEO of Fidel, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni. Here are some insights on the MCCIA interview:

MCCIA is one of the few Chambers of Commerce established before independence when industrial activity was yet to take off. It has been responsive to changing times, needs and requirements of the Entrepreneurs. MCCIA embodies Pune’s entrepreneurial spirit. It is instrumental in giving strategic suggestions and advocating Industrial Policies.

In this engaging conversation, Mr. Kulkarni narrated the fascinating journey of Fidel. The highlight of the discussion was Mr. Kulkarni’s insights on the benefits of undertaking an Initial Public Offering (IPO). He elucidated how going public can pave the way for expanded growth, increased capital infusion and heightened visibility in the market landscape.

Moreover, Mr. Kulkarni candidly shared Fidel’s early days, revealing that his initial expertise lay far from the realms of finance, HR, or sales. He divulged the challenges faced, the learning curve encountered and the invaluable experiences garnered while steering Fidel to its current standing.

The MCCIA interview offers a captivating narrative that is a must-watch for entrepreneurs, aspiring minds and industry aficionados alike who would find this interview a trove of wisdom and inspiration.

For an exploration of Fidel’s story and Mr. Kulkarni’s insights, watch this exclusive MCCIA interview on YouTube:

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