IWD 2024 Celebration at Fidel

International Women`s Day 2024 Celebration at Fidel


On International Women’s Day (IWD 2024), Fidel dedicated a special day to honor and celebrate its remarkable women.

To mark this special occasion, Fidel organized a multifaceted celebration that included both face-to-face and online sessions led by Ms. Amita Gadre, an Expert Nutrition Coach certified by Precision Nutrition in Canada. Ms. Gadre, armed with a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and a super specialization degree, shared her insights on discovering the joy of healthy eating and cultivating a fit lifestyle. Her expertise extended to helping individuals achieve their health goals without compromising on the enjoyment of the food they love.

The IWD 2024 celebration was adorned with a pristine white color theme, symbolizing purity, unity and the empowerment of women. Everyone treated to an array of delectable snacks, creating a delightful atmosphere for celebration.

Fidel IWD 2024 Celebration 1

Ms. Amita Gadre’s session proved to be a source of inspiration, offering practical insights into achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Her engaging talk emphasized the importance of holistic well-being, encouraging the audience to embrace nutritious choices.

As a gesture of appreciation, the women of Fidel were presented with greetings and roses, symbolizing admiration and respect. The gesture aimed to recognize professional accomplishments and also their resilience, dedication, and the pivotal roles they played in shaping the success of Fidel.

Fidel IWD 2024 Celebration 2

The IWD 2024 celebration at Fidel inspired the women of Fidel to continue their remarkable journey of success and encourage everyone to actively contribute to a more equitable and inclusive world.

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