Fidel’s CEO, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, at CXO Panel Discussion on the “Future of Work”

Fidel’s CEO, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, at CXO Panel Discussion on the “Future of Work”


On November 23rd, 2023, the HR Infotech Association in collaboration with MIT ADT University, organized a CXO panel discussion on the “Future of Work” at Hotel Grand Sheraton, Pune.

Attendees from various industries and backgrounds gathered for the discussion. The venue buzzed with energy and enthusiasm as professionals, thought leaders, and curious minds settled in for a day of insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

Fidel’s CEO, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, spearheaded a robust discussion on the Future of Work, illuminating the challenges and opportunities.

From team Fidel, Ms. Rashi Desai, Sr. HR Manager and Mr. Dipak Khutal, IT Recruitment – Division Manager attended the event.

Beyond the panel discussion, the event provided a platform for attendees to forge meaningful connections. Networking sessions were vibrant, allowing professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and establish potentially impactful collaborations that could shape the future of their respective industries.

The event was a highlight, offering a comprehensive panorama of perspectives, experiences, and foresight. Attendees were captivated as they absorbed the wealth of knowledge shared by these luminaries, gaining invaluable insights into strategies for adapting to the ever-changing work landscape.

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