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Do you want to deliver high-quality and thoroughly tested applications in a shorter duration? Accordingly, are you looking for test automation services? Testing is as important as development is to the success of a software application. Even the most insignificant of defects and errors could lead to catastrophic failure draining all your investment, resources, and time down the drain!

But FidelSoftech is here to help. We are one of the leading test automation service providers with over a decade of experience in software testing and a team of qualified, competent, and experienced testers. Our extensive range of software test automation services and capabilities includes everything that enables you to deliver superior software applications that help you earn a competitive edge.

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Our Software Test Automation Services

Android UI/UX Designing

Test Automation

We leverage a range of automation tools like Selenium WebDriver, Robot framework, and TestComplete to test your software application comprehensively and promptly report even the smallest error to the development team for rectification.

Agile/DevOps Testing

Our Agile/DevOps testing services include functional testing for web and mobile devices via the shift-left approach. We adhere to the continuous testing approach and use CI/CD for automation testing.

Custom Android App Development Services
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IoT Testing

We are comprehensive experts across the IoT testing space as well. We provide various services within the IoT testing realm, including mobile-level testing, cloud-level testing, device-level testing, and end-to-end testing.

API Services/Microservices Testing

Our API services/Microservices testing services are based on API documentation. They include manual testing and automation testing integrated into CI/CD.

Android App Porting Services and Solutions
Android App Quality Assurance and Testing Services

SaaS Test Automation Services

Our experts provide continuous testing of various SaaS-based applications to detect potential risks and decrease the time-to-market while ensuring that the business needs and objectives are fulfilled.

Web-Based Test Automation

Testing multiple browsers at a time can be very challenging. The going gets even tougher when you have to test all the OSs, like Windows, Apple, Android, etc., that potentially run the device. Here, test automation services help. You can write an automated test once and test it across multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems.

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Why Choose FidelSoftech for Test Automation Services?

Here are some reasons that make us one of the most reliable companies for test automation services.

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Comprehensive Test Automation:

We help automate all the manual testing methods like UI testing, service layer testing, web testing, functional testing, etc.

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Efficient Test Automation Frameworks:

The testing automation frameworks we’ve built ensure the customizability and reusability of testing tools, thus helping you save time, effort, and cost.


Access to Various Test Automation Tools:

Our experts are adept at using various test automation software, including Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, Katalon Studio, TestComplete, Cypress, etc. We leverage the most appropriate one to serve your testing needs and deliver optimal testing efficiency and results.

Experience at Global-Scale Projects

Best Testing Practices:

We deploy the best software testing practices to reduce testing time, ensure comprehensive testing and deliver optimal results.

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Lowered Regression Cost:

We ensure the efforts required to run tests and analyze the outputs by up to 85-90 percent, thus increasing the test’s efficiency.

Offsite and Onsite Resources

Better Test Coverage and Quality:

 Our experts ensure consistent testing process and results. They eliminate manual errors to increase testing efficiency.

On-Demand scaling of the Development Team

On-Demand scaling of the Development Team:

With us, you have the freedom to scale up your project team’s size whenever you need it. We provide as many resources as you require to complete the project on time.

Experience of Working with Diverse Industries

Experience of Working with Diverse Industries:

To-date, we’ve developed custom Android apps for several industries, including travel, automotive, healthcare, eCommerce, banking, education, insurance, and many others.

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Partnering with a global,test automation partner like us brings you several sustainable benefits. So, connect with us at or call on +91-20-49007800, to discuss your test automation needs with our experts. Fill the form and get in touch if you have any questions or doubts and we will get in touch with you shortly.