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Fidel provides an end-to-end consultation on how ServiceNow comes into the picture and can become part of your infrastructure, how it can provide a solution to overcome your existing drawbacks and migration from your current setup to ServiceNow environment. We ensure digital transformation with ServiceNow, fast deployment, complete built-in data back-up and ability to migrate from any source.

ServiceNow constitutes a prudent IT investment, on account of its powerful data transfer capabilities, workflow automation, and a modern-age approach towards IT service management. Hence, upgrading and migrating your IT legacy systems to ServiceNow is crucial from the viewpoint of keeping up with the required IT efficiency levels.

At Fidel, we help you migrate your legacy ITSM systems to ServiceNow and achieve IT excellence. We help you migrate to ServiceNow from a wide range of project management software, complex legacy ITSM, and ITOM systems, customer service management solutions, incident response and SOAR tools, single or medium complexity ITSM solutions, etc. So, regardless of the system you use, we ensure the best and the most efficient ServiceNow migration services.

ServiceNow Migration Services
Upgrading from an older ServiceNow release to a newer one

Upgrading from an older ServiceNow release to a newer one

  • Read the release notes and plan your upgrade.
  • Prepare for the development instance upgrade.
  • Verify your upgrade configurations and schedule the development instance upgrade in HI.
  • Upgrade and validate the development instance.
  • Upgrade and validate your other non-production instances, such as your test instance.
  • Prepare to upgrade the production instance.
  • Upgrade the production instance.
  • Troubleshooting and other upgrade resources.

Deliverables include:

  • Statement of Work (SOW): designates the terms of the engagement including the scope, timelines and other services.
  • Detailed Project Plan: outlines the overall plan for the ServiceNow project, including key milestones for success.
  • Roadmap: establishes the long-term ServiceNow journey roadmap to increase the value of your organization’s investment into the ServiceNow platform.
  • Budget: defines the detailed estimate of all of the costs to be incurred during the life of the engagement.
Deliverables include
User training

User training

  • Proposition of a training program and the training schedule.
  • Training materials.
  • An assessment grid for each training course (to be filled out by users).

Migrating from legacy applications to ServiceNow

analysis of existing workflow architecture

Analysis of existing workflow architecture

  • Business needs will be gathered and details of functional application description, business owner, business criticality of the application (on a scale of 1–5), usage of application in the last 90 days will be noted.

Data requirements will be understood

  • What is the current size of the database(s)?
  • How many documents are in the database?
  • Do we need to migrate existing/historical data?
Data requirements will be understood
Business logic and presentation

Business logic and presentation

  • Are there integrations or messaging involved with this application?
  • What kind of rule-based roles are required?
  • What are the security requirements?
  • Does it need to be optimized for mobile?
  • Does it generate Outlook calendar invites?
  • Do we want to migrate as is or update functionality based on business needs?

Map an application’s data model in ServiceNow

  • The data model from the application will include tables, fields, files, and data relationships. This should map into ServiceNow as a table, with appropriate fields and security.
  • Analyze the SLAs or Visual Task Boards, extend Task required by the application.
Map an application’s data model in ServiceNow<br />
Data considerations

Data considerations

  • Normalize user data. User data in the application may not adhere to the same conventions (e.g., how names are listed/stored) as in ServiceNow. Application owners need to manually review user data fields to identify where data conventions are different from ServiceNow, especially if data needs to be migrated to ServiceNow.
  • Consider attachments for each record. If there are attachments to the app, download them. Then upload and attach to each record in ServiceNow.
  • Account for security when setting up access in ServiceNow.
  • When decommissioning applications, archive data considering the compliance and regulatory requirements (e.g., retaining data).

Rebuild an application in ServiceNow

  • Build the data model.
    • Create a table structure that autogenerates APIs, list views, and forms.
  • Adjust list and form views.
    • Adjust autogenerated forms.
    • Insert sample data to create reports and dashboards.
    • Use ServiceNow’s out-ofthe-box Service Portal to view single-page applications (as needed).
  • Build the business logic.
    • We will ensure that a clear understanding of the workflow (supported by the application, including approvals and data transformation) is established.
    • Build the ServiceNow application using business rules and ServiceNow Flow Designer.
    • Identify where integrations are needed.
  • Test and publish.
    • Run small functional tests as we implement each feature.
    • Run full tests with production ready data, using Automated Test Framework.
    • Use Git as your repo for version control and source code management.
    • Consider initially releasing to a smaller group to collect feedback.
Rebuild an application in ServiceNow
Accelerate and scale

Accelerate and scale

  • Build shared modules for common workflows. Many applications may use the same workflow (like an approval workflow). We will check across the portfolio of applications that will be migrated and identify common workflows across these applications, and build a single module in ServiceNow that migrated applications can call/invoke.
  • Identify where we can use delegated development.
  • Cluster and prioritize migration efforts by line of business or criticality.

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