SAP Solution, UI and Report Localization

Let your SAP offerings communicate in customers language with Fidel

Fidel is a SAP language partner. SAP is one of the world’s leading software solution for ERP and management of business processes. SAP based solutions facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations. 

Fidel is a leading LangTech firm that provides language services in 100+ languages to corporates. Fidel has combination of Language and Technology experts who help technology and IT firms to take their solutions to users in their local languages. It help in great user Experience (UX).

SAP Language Partner

Fidel is SAP partner as a Language Service Provider (LSP). Fidel is partnering with SAP and SAP solution integrators on various projects for making solutions multilingual. Fidel SAP partnership helps customers to build confidence and secure their place in the global market with solution Localization and Translation

As an SAP-certified Language Service Provider, Fidel Softech facilitates secure yet seamless content in localization and translation projects. This results in productivity and process efficiencies across the organization, while access controls ensure project integrity from beginning to end. Fidel also helps its customer to take advantage of leading technology including machine translation such as SAP Translation Hub, and language data creation for machine learning.

Fidel Softech’s partnership with SAP has not only made it a certified Language Service Provider but also helped in order to provide best-of-class translation, localization & content creation services.

SAP Localization Services

  • Translation
  • Localization
  • Interpretation
  • Multilingual DTP
  • Language Testing
  • Voice Over
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Multilingual Transcription ABAP UI
  •  Fiori UI
  • Software Localization
  • Marketing and sales document
  • SAP Notes and support-related document
  • Training and e-learning materials
  • Multimedia Files
SAP Localization Services

Being a SAP Language Partner Our Areas of Expertise for SAP Localization

Areas of Expertise for SAP Localization
  • Consumer Goods
  • E-Learning
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Technology Product
  • Electronics
  • Automobile
  • Government
  • Legal

LangTech Solutions for SAP

Integrating languages with SAP solutions require language expertise and SAP knowledge. This combination help in seamless and smooth user language integration in SAP systems. We are a Leading and Professional Language Service Provider (LSP), providing services in 100+ languages consisting of all Indian, Asian, European, Middle East and African languages and can be your perfect choice.

We are expert in SAP UI, documentation, reports, help support for industry.

Fidel’s SAP Localization Services make solutions more user friendly. Thus customers can be assured of best-of-class language service by experts.

Our other Language & Translation Services

Language Consultancy Services

Language Consultancy

We offer a wide range of language consultancy services, right from content creation to editing, and beyond.

ChatBot Support

ChatBot Support

We provide linguistic ChatBot support to a range of companies and for over 100 languages across the globe.

Website Translation

Website Translation

We are one of the most trustworthy website translation partners fulfilling all your translation and localization requirements.

Document Translation

Document Translation

Our translation technology, expertise, and experience in the translation and localization service business allows us to deliver document translation services for varied types of projects.