Remote IT Support Services

Get the Best Remote IT Support Services through Fidel’s Remote IT Support Specialists

Remote IT support services refer to having a remote team handling its IT infrastructure and problems arising through the internet. Hence, you need an IT company that works as your 24/7 IT support partner with comprehensive IT support expertise and the reputation of working with reputed companies worldwide.

In this view, Fidel, one of the leading remote IT support services companies with a global customer base that includes companies from various business domains, proves the best partner.

The company employs certified IT support specialists to provide a range of proactive and reactive remote IT support services. Fidel’s remote IT support service range includes managed monitoring support, incident-based support, managed services support, along with installations, upgrades, and various types of IT setups.

If you are looking forward to outsourcing remote IT services, choose Fidel, and leverage the company’s IT support expertise to resolve user concerns and maintain your IT environment’s health.


Remote IT Support Services, IT Support Services

Fidel’s Remote IT Support Services

Setup and Installations, Desktop Application Software services

Setup and Installations

  • Microsoft DHS/DHCP Server and Configuration
  • Microsoft Windows/Exchange Server, AD Domain Environment, SBS
  • Desktop Application Software
  • Printers and Peripherals
  • Group Policy Configuration and Server Migration
  • Desktop and Laptop

Incident-Based Support

  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Windows Server
Incident-Based Support, Incident-Based Support services
IT managed monitoring support services, website monitoring services

IT Managed Monitoring Support Services

  • Website Monitoring
  • Network and Server Monitoring
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Resolving Browser Connection Issues
  • Virus Detection and Removal
  • Resolving Performing Tuning Issues
  • Resolving System Speed Issues
  • Resolving Boot Up Issues
  • Resolving Online Connectivity Problems
  • Detection and Removal of Malware/ Adware/ Spyware
  • Resolving System Formatting Issues
  • Data Retrieval Process

IT Managed Services Support

  • IT Consulting
  • Server Support
  • Proactive Management Support
  • Break Fix Support Services
  • Server Deployment
IT managed services support, IT consulting

How does Fidel Ensure Efficient Remote IT Support Management?

At Fidel, we follow a well-defined remote IT support service process. It begins with an understanding of your IT concerns and devising a prompt and customized solution to fix the problem. Our support engineers follow the below process to ensure optimal remote IT support efficiency.

Registering Support Request and Creating an Online Ticket

Registering Support Request and Creating an Online Ticket

We use the latest online IT ticketing software to help your users promptly log an IT request. Once the request is logged, we open a session against it, and then, depending on how critical the concern is, we provide a resolution to the user on the phone or through email.

Helping the User Download the Right Service Suite

Helping the User Download the Right Service Suite

Our IT specialists help your users download the right service suite, compatible with the hardware they use. Besides, we ensure software compatibility to facilitate prompt and efficient troubleshooting throughout.

Help the User with Software Configuration

Help the User with Software Configuration

Our remote IT support specialists help the user to configure access control and network settings. This step helps us assure the user of the secure configuration of the remote service suite.

troubleshooting the problem through remote it support

Troubleshooting the Problem through Remote IT Support

Once the software is configured, we get a unique ID that enables us to get internet access to the user’s machine. After we get access, we begin with the troubleshooting process and resolve the user’s concern.

Receiving User Feedback

Receiving User Feedback

After delivering the solution, we request the user to give us on our remote IT service support. We gather user feedback before closing the ticket. Receiving user feedback right after the service helps us identify shortcomings and devise solutions to overcome them and evolve.

10 Reasons to choose Fidel as the Remote IT Support Outsourcing Partner

Certifications and Recognitions

Certifications and Recognitions:

We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified remote IT support company handling a global clientele.

Shorter Turnaround Time

Shorter Turnaround Time:

Our remote IT support specialists are quick and experienced enough to provide prompt remote IT solutions. Hence, our turnaround time is around 25-30% shorter than other remote IT support outsourcing companies.

Flexible and Competitively-Priced Remote IT Support Packages

Flexible and Competitively-Priced Remote IT Support Packages:

With us, you can choose from our suite of services or choose a comprehensive IT support package. Our flexible and competitively-priced remote IT support packages help you pay us only for the services you’ve chosen.

Strict Quality Monitoring Process

Strict Quality Monitoring Process:

Our quality monitoring process helps us deliver high-quality and accurate IT support solutions to our clients, regardless of the complexities involved.

Application of the Latest IT Support Tools

Application of the Latest IT Support Tools:

We use the latest remote IT support tools and communication systems to ensure prompt solutions, seamless interaction, and ensure 24/7 availability for your company and your clients.

Complete Data Security

Complete Data Security:

We ensure the highest data security levels while accessing your systems and resolving your IT-related concerns.

Comprehensive IT Expertise

Comprehensive IT Expertise:

Our extensive IT expertise not only enables us to deliver the most appropriate IT solutions but helps us achieve 100% customer satisfaction through our services.

Secure Data Exchange

Secure Data Exchange:

We facilitate secure data exchange through secure FTP and VPN to support the file sharing process.

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager:

We assign a dedicated project manager for every project. Our project managers are expert IT support professionals with extensive experience in managing complex IT support projects. They serve as a single point contact and handle every routine concern efficiently.

Multilingual Remote IT Support

Multilingual Remote IT Support:

Our multilingual remote IT support enables you to get solutions in your language or give your client solutions in their language. In this way, we become your global remote IT support partner facilitating IT support to your offices worldwide.

Outsource Your Remote IT Support to Fidel

Choosing Fidel as your global remote IT support partner brings several benefits, including cost-savings, technical accuracy, and access to quick IT solutions that do not let your production hamper and ensure the highest levels of user satisfaction. So, talk to our IT support specialists at +91-20-49007800 or to know how we can provide the best remote IT support for your company.