Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Stay in Control of your Company’s IT Performance with Fidel’s Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Companies strive to reduce IT costs. But they cannot ignore or deny the significance of ensuring fast, flexible, and uninterrupted IT operations. This holds true, especially when a seemingly trivial issue, when not resolved in time, transforms into a significant IT challenge for the company. It puts the entire IT environment and business operations at stake. To tackle situations like these and, to avoid such critical problems, companies must exercise complete control over their IT performance through remote IT infrastructure monitoring services.

At Fidel, we are one of the leading remote IT infrastructure monitoring service company. We help our clients stay on top of their IT environment through our continual remote IT infrastructure monitoring services. We’ve been in the business for over a decade and continue to enable our clients to manage their complex IT landscape, monitor distributed networks, optimize IT performance at lower costs, expedite application provisioning, mitigate IT risks, and ensure high system availability at all times.

If you are looking forward to outsourcing IT infrastructure monitoring for your company, or your client, to a company, choose Fidel. Our service range will help you maintain the health of your IT environment, ensure high availability, and optimize its performance throughout.

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Our Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services

performance monitoring services, performance monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Our performance monitoring services include tracking the website’s response rate to user interaction. The insights we gain through continual web performance monitoring help us augment the website’s response rate, reduce bounce rates, and increase user retention.

Log Monitoring

Our remote IT infrastructure monitoring specialists monitor error Logs and audit logs. They ensure continual monitoring of both these critical elements to provide tracking and recording of every incident, movements, and events happening across your IT environment. Our remote log monitoring services help administrators stay alert about threats and prepare for unforeseen events.

log monitoring services
availability monitoring server and network

Availability Monitoring (Uptime) Server and Network

Our availability monitoring services ensure a higher uptime, increasing the system’s availability. We monitor availability for your server and network and keep these essential IT environmental elements up and running, thus helping you optimize your IT efficiency and leverage it to your business’s benefit.

Real-Time Graphical Information

We provide real-time graphical insights on factors such as routine usage, excess utilization, threshold, the performance of every IT component within your IT environment.

real-time graphical information
utilization monitoring services

Utilization Monitoring

Our utilization monitoring services enable you to measure the utilization rate of your CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth. Our remote IT infrastructure monitoring team tracks high resource use, monitors multiple processes, and provides in-depth analytical reports for every CPU instance.

Alert Notifications

We provide remote IT infrastructure monitoring services that establish a threshold resulting in a range of automated events. It prevents going overboard with the utilization or avoiding going beyond the set threshold of the use of various critical IT resources. Once the use of a particular IT resource reaches the threshold, the IT manager or administrator receives an automated alert.

alert notifications
automated monitoring services

Automated Monitoring

Automated monitoring is quick, more efficient, and more desirable for companies opting for remote IT infrastructure monitoring services. In this view, we use the latest remote IT monitoring tools such as Nagios and Zabbix. Through these tools, we help you stay in control of your IT infrastructure, no matter the location of your server hub or command centre.

Scalable and Customized Monitoring System

Our expertise, technology application, and the approach the involve helping our clients save IT costs enable us to provide scalable and customized IT infrastructure monitoring. So, depending on the requirement, you can choose the scale of remote IT infrastructure monitoring that you require and pay us for the services you receive.

scalable and customized monitoring system
Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Service Level Agreements

Our project managers and remote IT support services work in unison to adhere to the mutually agreed SLA terms and conditions. Besides, we ensure compliance with the prevalent IT rules and regulations of your company.

Why Choose Fidel for Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services?

Team of Certified Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Specialists

Team of Certified Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Specialists:

We employ a team of certified remote IT infrastructure monitoring professionals to ensure optimized IT performance and quick. With us, your IT infrastructure is in safe hands!

24/7 Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring

24/7 Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring:

A single instance, incident, or an IT problem at the wee hours may transform into a significant challenge. We do not want that to happen with our clients. Hence, we provide 24/7 remote IT infrastructure monitoring services. While with Fidel, you have our resources monitoring your IT infrastructure at all times.

End-to-End Incident Management

End-to-End Incident Management:

We provide L1 and L2 support to your end-users. We use a highly advanced ticketing system to provide quick and real-time notifications to your on-site team in case of an escalation of the issue. It enables the on-site to resolve the problems before it aggravates.

Windows Server Management

Windows Server Management:

We handle a range of Windows servers such as MS IIS servers, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, and Microsoft 2008/2012 server. We employ a range of Microsoft certified technicians to ensure absolute accuracy, highest security levels, and server efficiency. Besides, we provide efficient cloud server management through our remote cloud server monitoring experts.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring:

We monitor every element associated with your IT environment. It includes desktops, data centres, servers, firewalls, IP devices, routers, and many others..

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager:

We assign a dedicated project manager for your project. The project manager handles every routine concern, acts as a single contact point, and provides comprehensive reports to you to review IT performance, and analyses them to provide improvement recommendations.

Scalable Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Scalable Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring:

We provide scalable remote IT infrastructure monitoring services to help you save costs and get what is necessary for you to optimize IT performance and keep its components available at all times. You can scale the infrastructure monitoring team as and when your business grows, and you feel the need to do so.

Provision of Remote IT Monitoring Resources

Provision of Remote IT Monitoring Resources:

Besides providing outsourced remote IT monitoring resources, we also work as your recruitment partner to hire remote IT monitoring professionals for your company or your client.

Latest Infrastructure and Technology Stack

Latest Infrastructure and Technology Stack:

We use the latest infrastructure and continually upgrade our technology stack to deliver our commitments, keep up with the evolving IT needs of your company, and to ensure efficiency, along with competency at all times.

Experience in Monitoring IT Infrastructure for Diverse Companies

Experience in Monitoring IT Infrastructure for Diverse Companies:

Within our decade-long experience in the IT business, we’ve worked as the preferred remote IT infrastructure monitoring partner of companies from a wide range of companies.

Outsource Your Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services to Fidel

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