Benefits Of Software Localization For Global Enterprises

Things You Need to Know About Software Localization

The number of local language internet users and, consequently, the need for local language content is proliferating. English is still the internet’s de facto language. But one cannot discount the significance of local languages. Internet users now look forward to personalized digital experiences. And that’s where localization plays a role.

Localization contributes to user comfort and fosters more meaningful interactions. Software localization is no exception to it!

What is software localization? Software localization involves adapting your program or application to meet the needs of a specific language, culture and target audience. It involves various factors that align a particular software product with the target users’ needs and localization expectations. If you have a software asset you want to localize, here are a few fundamental aspects that can help you.

What Does Software Localization Include?

Localization involves various tactical and strategic tasks.
As for the technical aspects involved in localization require adjusting code, error strings and messages, end-user license agreements, online assistance, technical specifications, etc., with the regional or local target market in mind.

In addition, it involves aligning aspects like the number, time and data format, payment methods, currencies, etc. Technically speaking, localization involves the following steps.

  • Identifying all the resource files that require translation
  • Translating the necessary content accurately
  • Performing a quality check on the translated content
  • Storing all the translated files into your code structure
  • Developing, compiling, and testing resulting software for the target market

Benefits of Software Localization for Global Enterprises

How does software localization for enterprises looking to venture into new markets?

1. Reach New Markets and Establish Connections

Software localization helps. First, it involves leveraging the language of the target market. Secondly, it includes aligning the software product or application with the target audience’s requirements. In a nutshell, it involves synchronizing the software application with the needs of the local target audience, thus making it simpler for it to use.

All these efforts translate to creating a broader market outreach. But that’s not it. While you reach more and more people, the native look, feel and experience of the software product helps you establish solid and sustainable connections with the intended users.

2. Enhanced User Experience

Localization provides a more personalized and resonating experience with localized elements like language, fonts, menu, format, and overall appearance. They collectively contribute to an experience that comforts the user while they use the application, enhances their experience, and becomes part of their digital habits.

3. Broadened Business Surface Area

A widened outreach eventually translates to an increased surface area for business. Localized software allows you to tap into more prospects, which wouldn’t have been possible with a unilingual experience.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Software Localization Service Provider – Overview

Let’s look at a few factors to consider while selecting your software localization partner.

1. Experience:

Choose a company experienced enough to handle the complexities of your project. You must review a company with a diverse localization portfolio, preferable localization for your kind of software product.

2. Technical Command:

Extensive expertise in factors like language, fonts, local preferences, cultural implications, etc., should form another factor.

3. Local Language and Cultural Expertise:

The company you choose should have comprehensive local language and culture expertise. The translations they do should be technically, grammatically and culturally accurate. The company should have a quality check team and effective quality check processes to ensure that.

4. Customer Feedback:

Don’t forget to check the company’s customer feedback. While online reviews can help, ensure you check offline reviews by connecting with its past and existing clients to know more about their capabilities, services and shortcomings.

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