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Difference Between Python and JavaScript

Every technology, programming and scripting language, framework, etc., is created with a purpose and has its unique significance that drives its use across the industry. If we particularly talk about programming and scripting languages, we wouldn’t miss Python Vs JavaScript. Both are well-known and widely used languages across various business domains with their established use and client base.

However, when it comes to comparing Python with JavaScript, which language would win the bout? Or, are they equipollent? Let’s find out the answer in this blog that talks about Python vs. JavaScript, highlighting some key differences between both.

What is Python?

Technically speaking, Python is an interpreter-based, high-level programming language. It supports functional, structured and object-oriented programming. Released back in 1991, Python was invented as a successor to the ABC programming language.

Python is a general-purpose, powerful and versatile programming language that can accommodate various programming paradigms. It is a preferred language for applications, including data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, image processing, etc. Python’s use also includes developing websites.

Some prominent companies using Python include Netflix, Instagram, Reddit, Spotify, Google, Reddit and Uber.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a leading scripting language primarily used for client-side scripting. It is an object-oriented language found in 1995. Since then, it has been helping the industry with its numerous features, functionalities and exceptional capabilities. However, you can use JavaScript for front and backend development as well.

Some popular frontend JavaScript frameworks include AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, PreactJS, SvelteJS and EmberJS. On the other hand, a few backend JavaScript frameworks include ExpressJS, NextJS, GatsbyJS and NuxtJS. JavaScript also offers a few testing frameworks, including Jest, Jasmine and Mocha.

Several global brands trust JavaScript. A few include Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, Walmart, LinkedIn, eBay, and Groupon.

Python Vs JavaScript: Difference Between Python and JavaScript.

Both are popular and trusted programming languages. But what makes each unique? Let’s look at the difference between Python and JavaScript across various parameters.


Parameter Python JavaScript
Fundamental Concept Python is a high-level and object-oriented programming language. JavaScript is a scripting language.
Application Python is commonly used for server-side scripting. JavaScript’s primary use includes client-side scripting.
Readability and Code Maintainability Python simplifies reading and maintaining the code. JavaScript is flexible. Hence, code readability and maintainability are relatively challenging.
Type Operators Python uses the type ( ) function to check the object type. JavaScript uses the typeof operator.
Single Line Comments Python Uses # to write a comment and all the characters on the same line after # symbol is considered part of the comment. JavaScript uses // to begin a single-line comment.
Encoding Python is encoded as ASCII by default. JavaScript is encoded as UFT-16.
Procedural Programming Python supports procedural programming. JavaScript does not support procedural programming.
Inheritance Model Python uses the class-based inheritance model to function. JavaScript uses the prototype-based inheritance model to function.
Functional Arguments Python always raises an exception if any function with incorrect parameters is called. JavaScript defaults all its parameters as undefined. Hence, it doesn’t have to check for the exact parameter’s presence.

Python Vs. JavaScript – Which One to Choose?

It depends on what you want to build. So, there cannot be a clear winner. Python is an amazing choice for AI-ML applications. On the other hand, JavaScript proves an excellent alternative for single-page applications, game development, smartwatch applications, presentation, etc.

But making a choice involves various technical complexities, for which you need the right JavaScript and Python consulting experts. If you don’t have one, FidelSoftech can fill in the void. We are a team of Python developers and JavaScript developers, along with many other resources like consultants, testers, technical support specialists, etc., to help you make the most from both, whether used individually or in conjunction. Please email us at to learn more about our Python and JavaScript development capabilities.

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