Pros and Cons of IT Infrastructure Management Services

Pros and Cons of IT Infrastructure Management Services

IT infrastructural management is a critical area of concern, and hence, its efficiency matters to every company. To manage it efficiently, companies have two options. Either they manage it in-house or outsource it. Outsourcing certainly has some benefits over in-house IT infrastructure management. But, with advantages, it has some cons as well. Fidel Softech, the leading infrastructure management service provider, explores both aspects.

Pros of IT Infrastructure Management Services

First, let us look at the pros of IT infrastructure management services and then explore the possible cons.

1. Extended Skill Set

IT infrastructure management is extensive and ever-evolving. However, the more it evolves, the more complicated it gets. In situations like these, the already overwhelmed IT resources of your company may not have the time and availability to handle complicated concerns. It is here that outsourced IT infrastructure management service providers step in with their exclusive skill set. They handle and resolve complex IT concerns, foster efficiency, and optimize your IT infrastructure to bolster sustainable business growth.

2. Timely Upgrades

Regular and continuous upgrades form an integral part of every IT infrastructure, regardless of its volume. With an in-house workforce, continuous upgrades may not be as feasible. However, an external partner that handles your IT infrastructure dedicatedly includes system upgrades as a part of the overall IT strategy. So, with an outsourcing service provider by your side, you don’t have to deal with concerns such as redundancies.

3. Comprehensive Security

The in-house IT workforce may not always have a comprehensive or a 360 degree perspective of the best security practices to deal with a particular vulnerability. They may find a solution, but it may not be necessarily sustainable. Nevertheless, an outsourcing IT infrastructure management service provider who exclusively looks after your IT infrastructure sets comprehensive and sustainable security management systems and upgrades it as required.

4. Continual Monitoring

You may have your in-house IT resources to monitor your IT infrastructure throughout the day. However, how do you monitor and safeguard it during the wee hours, or while there’s no one around to look after it? The answer comes through outsourcing, as external service providers ensure continual IT monitoring. They employ specialized IT monitoring resources to enable you to exercise full control over your IT infrastructure at all times.

5. Cost-Savings

Cost-savings is a significant element that drives every outsourcing venture. Hiring an external IT infrastructure management service provider enables you to save costs otherwise incurred in hiring IT resources, handling employment administration costs, and further training them. However, outsourcing keeps all these costs at bay. It only requires you to pay the outsourcing fee, and the rest is taken care of by the outsourcing service provider.

Cons of IT Infrastructure Management Services

Of course, there’s a flip side to the coin as well. Let us look at a few potential cons of IT infrastructure management services.

1. Loss of Control

Engaging a service provider to manage your IT infrastructure may sometimes result in a loss of control over the tools with which you work and with the choice of tools. However, it isn’t a disadvantage in the entirety. Usually, IT infrastructure management service providers have an understanding of the latest IT management tools, and which is why their choice of tools and technologies can prove a better choice in the long run.

2. Unavailability of Resources

This may be a problem with smaller IT infrastructure management service providers, where there aren’t many resources available, or when the external support staff handles a significant number of clients at a time. It may result in delays in assistance, and solutions, especially when during IT emergencies.

3. Lack of Coordination and Rapport

At times, the lack of coordination and rapport between the in-house and the external team may create a rift between the team, thus affecting the overall management of the IT infrastructure. Here, it is imperative to develop proper coordination, trust, and rapport between both the teams through regular onsite meetings and setting up efficient communication systems in place.

Fidel Softech – The Leafing IT Infrastructure Management Service Provider

Fidel Softech is the leading IT infrastructure management service provider in India, with clients spread worldwide. The company has the necessary experience, expertise, and IT management resources to ensure IT efficiency, IT cost-effectiveness, and continuous IT monitoring and maintenance support at all times. It sets efficient IT infrastructural workflows and communication systems for efficient coordination within both teams.

Additionally, Fidel Softech also works as an IT recruitment partner, enabling you to hire efficient IT resources for in-house IT management, thus saving recruitment time and costs. For more information and the best IT infrastructure management services, connect with Fidel Softech at +91-20-49007800 or write an email to

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