Prodktr unveils ProdktrSegue, Fidel Dev partner

Prodktr unveils “ProdktrSegue”, a revolutionary business transition platform, Fidel partner in development

Prodktr has developed the ProdktrSegue ( platform to accelerate the migration of data from legacy systems into new high-efficiency environments. No firm is immune from cost pressure leading to firms working with Prodktr using their Transformation Roadmap Service (TRS) to achieve goals for cost reduction and efficiency. The Transformation Roadmap Service is enhanced by the ProdktrSegue platform to enable quicker and cheaper business transformation.

Prodktr and Fidel Softech have jointly developed the ProdktrSegue. Fidel Softech provides both software development expertise and operational support to enable ProdktrSegue to be used for any size of the transformation project.

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