IT Product Development Resources and Benefit of Getting on Contract

IT Product Development Resources and Benefit of Getting on Contract

Do you want to develop an IT product for your company or have an IT product development project on your hand to complete? Then, recruiting new resources such as IT product developers, software testers, architects, etc., can prove overwhelming, time-consuming, and all the more expensive. Getting resources on contract, or in other words, outsourcing IT product development, seems a better solution here. How? Fidel Softech explores the answer.

8 Benefits of Hiring IT Product Development Resources on Contract Basis

Right from minimized efforts to reduced costs, hiring IT product development professionals on a contract basis proves beneficial in eight different ways. Let us look at each of these advantages one by one.

1. Reduced Hiring Time

Often, when it comes to IT product development, especially for an external client, you wouldn’t have enough time on hand to complete it. In situations like these, hiring delays may take a toll on the project completion commitment, increase project costs, let alone the loss of reputation, bad enough to tarnish your identity in the market. As a result, you may lose the project.

Amidst such a competitive and dynamic environment, hiring IT resources on a contract basis provides quick access to experienced and quality resources. Companies like FidelSoftech have resources for diverse IT product development needs ready to hit the production floor in almost no time after the contract process is done. As a result, the hiring time is considerably reduced, and you begin the project on time.

2. Access to a Broader Range of Expertise

Hiring IT product development resources on a contract basis enables access to a more extensive range of technological and strategic expertise. Besides product development, these resources are extensively experienced in handling a range of complex development concerns. So, you don’t have to hire separate resources for it. You may receive support without spending anything extra on it. This isn’t necessarily the case with in-house hiring.

3. Ability to Scale the Resource Strength

Hiring IT product development professionals on a contract basis offers scaling benefits as well. For instance, you can beef up the team as and when you feel you need a larger headcount to complete a particular task. Similarly, you can reduce the team strength if you think you do not need as many resources. The ability to scale enables you to control your project costs to a considerable extent and keep up with the desired levels of productivity.

You may not have such a benefit while hiring in-house resources, as temporary hiring may not meet with an as favorable response from the employment market, and permanent hiring, on the other hand, comes with the risks of either having people on-bench or laying them off after the completion of the project. However, with companies like FidelSoftech, you can scale the team as many times as you want and to any extent.

4. Get a Wider Range of Resources Under One Roof

IT product development comprises a team of diverse resources engaged in various tasks and functions. The unit includes architects, product developers, testers, project managers, etc. Hiring all of them in-house requires you to float different requirements and wait for the market response. Nevertheless, hiring contractual IT resources allows you to employ a broader array of resources needed for the project under one roof.

5. Reduced Hiring and Administrative Costs

Hiring cost is an essential factor driving the decision to hire IT resources on a contractual basis. In-house hiring, or hiring through a recruitment agency, involves various costs, right from floating the requirement, shortlisting, interviewing, and further onboarding. Besides, the process requires time to complete.

But with contract staffing, all you have to do is pay the resource fee, which, when calculated at the project level, is far lesser than in-house hiring or having an agency hire IT resources for your company. Companies like Fidel Softech, with an extensive resource base, and experience across the IT staffing sector, offers high-quality and dedicated resources at a competitive cost.

6. Leverage a More Professional Engagement

Companies that deal in the provision of IT product development resources are professional setups with a serious commitment towards providing top-quality resources based on their client’s project needs. Unlike in-house hiring, wherein you may be unsure of a resource’s trustworthiness, reputed contractual IT resource companies like Fidel Softech provide reliable resources with the required technical competence and professional conduct.

Additionally, such companies also sign contracts and put up their commitment on paper to make it more professional, serious, and binding.

7. Reduced Go-To-Market Time

Quicker hiring, better resources, accelerated project progression, and dedicated project managers ensuring timely completion of the project – all these factors translate into a reduced Go-To-Market time for your product. In other words, since the project begins on time and the progress remains on track, you launch the product on time. The adoption and expertise in Agile development processes prove helpful in this regard.

8. Focus on Core Business

IT product development, and the hiring that happens before it, are complex and cumbersome tasks. They demand a considerable amount of routine bandwidth and attention that you can otherwise dedicate to the core aspects of your business. This is where hiring IT product development resources on contract proves significant. A comprehensive range of contractual resources enables you to manage the project from beginning to completion without practically involving yourself in it. As a result, you focus on the core aspect of your business.

Fidel Softech – The Best Company to Hire IT Product Development Resources on Contract

Fidel Softech is a leading company that provides IT product development professionals on a contract basis for IT projects of varying sizes and complexity levels. With Fide Softech, you get top-quality IT resources based on your requirement, thus helping you optimize the value of your resource investment, get a high-quality IT product based on your expectations, and reduce your Go-To-Market time. For more details, +91-20-49007800 or write an email to

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