How is Remote IT Monitoring Beneficial for your Business

How is Remote IT Monitoring Beneficial for Your Business?

Some companies have network infrastructure spread across various locations. Managing such dispersed networks with various complex elements like routers, switches, databases, servers, etc., can be very challenging. But ensuring optimal uptime and IT infrastructural well-being as well is equally important!

Such situations call for a technique that helps optimize system uptime and ensure continuous monitoring without deploying onsite physical resources. The answer is remote IT monitoring. Let’s see how remote IT network monitoring benefits businesses.

4 Benefits of Remote IT Monitoring

Here’s why remote IT monitoring proves a useful IT strategy.

1. Remote Monitoring from Anywhere Without Onsite Resources

Hiring full-time in-house onsite resources could prove to be challenging in itself. Let alone ensuring efficient remote monitoring. But remote monitoring, as the name suggests, enables you to monitor your IT network from anywhere in the world virtually.

Thus, you can have a team sitting in your office in India, handling your IT network operations in the United Kingdom. You can have your resources in India to manage your IT network across all UK locations. You don’t necessarily have to have a full-fledged onsite in-house team doing it.

2. Real-Time Monitoring from IT Staff of Other Locations

Suppose you have IT team members monitoring network performance dispersed across various locations. Remote access allows those team members in other locations to view network performance in real-time.

This is possible even when the software server is physically present at the company’s headquarters in another corner of the world.

Thus, even if a particular machine breaks down at a remote location, the network personnel located at that branch can troubleshoot without getting you involved. They don’t even have to ask you what’s visible on your end. The person or team can view updated network maps and metrics.

3. Access Level Management

Some companies could be reluctant to have their IT network monitored and managed remotely due to potential onsite security threats. Of course, they aren’t paranoid about it, as security threats are persistent and potentially disastrous.

But an effective way of securing the network is to set up encrypted authentication and ensure uniformity in how every user logs in.

Another protective measure against potential security threats is to customize user access. You can decide the extent of access every user will have based on their authority, role, and responsibility level. It can help you efficiently manage user access and keep your IT network relatively secure.

Additionally, efficient remote monitoring software and partnering with a responsible remote IT monitoring team can help you update and provide timely patches. So, whenever the latter is released, users will receive notifications and can quickly benefit from the advanced measures taken by their remote IT team.

4. Significant Cost Savings

Remote IT monitoring can have significant cost benefits. You don’t have to hire an onsite team everywhere. The cost of hiring resources and the local pay scale will vary from country to country and market to market. Managing them can prove to be a significant expense for the company. Living with them doesn’t practically make sense, especially when you have technology that allows remote monitoring.

Remote IT monitoring can prove even more cost-effective. How? The answer is outsourcing the responsibility. Companies like FidelSoftech have all the resources, expertise, and experience to help companies manage their IT network across multiple geographies from a single location. Outsourcing, as you know, allows you to focus on your core business while the IT monitoring team ensures continuous, real-time, and effective monitoring of your network.

Are you looking for a remote IT monitoring partner? FidelSoftech is here to help. We specialize in remote IT and network monitoring solutions that help companies ensure continuous monitoring, significant cost savings, and higher network safety.

We stay on top of your network and leverage a proactive approach that identifies threats, raises timely flags, and protects the network to avoid or minimize potential damage. Please email us at to learn more about our solutions.

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