Fidel Annual Awards 2022

Fidel Annual Awards 2022

Fidel Softech Annual Awards 2022 took place on 6th April 2022, at Pune. It was the first in-person award function for Fidel since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The venue was decorated in a way that felt like stepping into a ceremony of success and joy.

The level of excitement for the opportunity to gather again was electric. We, the Fidel Family used the night not only to celebrate our wins but to also celebrate what our business community has accomplished.

Our three special guests for the night were –

1) Lawrence Kieffer: COO, Fidel Consulting KK Japan
2) Suzuki Munehisa: COO, Fidel Technologies KK Japan
3) Keisuke Fujisaki: Sales Manager, Fidel Japan

Our special guests took the platform and their speeches as an opportunity to appreciate the Fidel Family and to encourage support for each other.

The following members received their awards.

Certificate Category – Q4

Annual Awards 2022

  • Nitin Wahale – Customer Service Excellence
  • Singampalli Maruthi Rao – Risk mitigation
  • Nilmadhav Makwana – Customer service excellence
  • Vijay Chavan – Customer service excellence
  • Gaurav Gupta – Internal coach / trainer
  • Poonam Mathur- Customer Service Excellence
  • Dereck D’Silva – Internal coach / trainer
  • Arvind Yadav – Risk Mitigation

Annual Awards 2022

  • Sunil Jha (757 Project)
  • Sagar Rachkar (757 Project)
  • Deepa Nashi (757 Project)
  • Sheetal Patil (VH Project)
  • Manasi Ghevadekar (VH Project)
  • Tushar Ahire (VH Project)
  • Daya Phulpagar (VH Project)
  • Gayatri Gore (VH Project)
  • Varsha Barkund (VH Project)
  • Ashutosh Sinha (VH Project)
  • Abhishek Khokrale (VH Project)
  • Priya Bali (VH Project)
  • Tejas Kabade (VH Project)
  • Ashutosh Shirole (VH Project)
  • Shubhanginee Paharia (VH Project)
  • Appasab Salunkhe (VH Project)
  • Punam Kumari (VH Project)
  • Prashant Waghmare (VH Project)
  • Amit Pandagare (VH Project)

Certificate of Tenure Awards

  • Aishwarya Chapalgaonkar
  • Amrik Singh Hira
  • Anjali Tendulkar
  • Ankita Sinha
  • Prachi Kulkarni
  • Ranjan Shirsat
  • Sagar Bapuso Rachkar
  • Sheetal Kadam
  • Shilpa Nalkol
  • Sunil Kumar Jha

It was lovely to see the entire Fidel family together. The energy was infectious as the employees had an excellent time celebrating the spirit of excellence. The winners were not only the best but were also setting a global standard of performance.

We can say the night of the 6th was our own little Oscar!

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