Choosing the Right Enterprise Solutions Support Provider: Key Considerations

Choosing the Right Enterprise Solutions Support Provider: Key Considerations

Amidst the highly dynamic and evolving business environment, companies cannot merely develop enterprise solutions and forget them. With changes in time and technology, enterprise solutions require upgrades and updates that help them remain competent and relevant in the current context.

Easier said than done, managing an entire ecosystem of enterprise solutions isn’t straightforward. It can involve various technical intricacies dealing with which require companies to partner with professional enterprise solutions support providers.

However, making a random choice wouldn’t help. Businesses should be careful while choosing a solution support provider to derive optimal value from their investment. If you also have been looking for an enterprise solution support provider, this blog provides some tips that can help you make an informed choice.

8 Factors to Consider While Choosing an Enterprise Solution Support Provider

From experience to technical proficiency and strategic expertise, these eight factors can come in crucial while selecting an enterprise solution support company.

1. Enterprise Solution Support Experience

Experience matters. Perhaps, not in terms of the number of years. But the diversity of enterprise solutions handled surely matters. Accordingly, you should look for a company with adequate and commendable experience in providing enterprise solutions support for a range of solutions and to companies of varying business volumes.
Having a company with experience preferably in your domain would be more desirable. But even if you don’t find one, you should consider the company’s overall experience in handling enterprise solution support.

2. Support Approach – Proactive or Reactive

While experience matters, what also holds relevance is the company’s support approach. Considering the rapidly evolving enterprise solution landscape, businesses have to be agile and proactive in dealing with changes, updates, and upgrades. Being reactive won’t work, as by the time you realize something has changed, you might have already missed the bus! But whether proactive or reactive, depends on the enterprise solution support provider’s approach. Thus, you should verify the company’s approach through real-time case studies and ask some genuinely challenging questions.

3. Support Reliability

Reliability of support refers to the team’s availability at any time throughout a particular day. Technical problems may not necessarily strike only during working hours. Some issues may surface at 3 AM. If they aren’t addressed promptly, they may intensify, magnify, and worsen the situation. Hence, you should preferably choose an enterprise solution service provider with 24/7 support.

Now, many companies may claim to provide round-the-clock support. But the best way to check it is to call their support center after working hours or on weekends and examine their response. See if your call is answered by some human support specialist or if it is directed to a voicemail. Also, check how long it takes for your call to get answered.

4. Agility and Adaptability

Another significant aspect to consider while choosing the right enterprise solutions support is the company’s agility and adaptability. It is an intangible factor, yet a crucial one, as that will help you determine the company’s approach. Ideally, you should have a provider that stays abreast of the latest technologies, their practical applicability in a particular context, and integration expertise. Having a competent partner will help you keep your enterprise in top working condition.

5. Team Size and Quality of Resources

Team size may play a crucial role based on your requirements and the volume of support you need. Prefer working with an enterprise solution support provider who helps you determine the size of the team you need and commits to it. In addition, assess the quality of resources the solutions support provider has. Also, check if the company outsources any part of your project to an external team. While there’s no harm in doing it or working with external parties, it may add to the project’s cost. Besides, one cannot discount problems like delays, etc., while relying too much on outsourcing parties.

6. Strategic Expertise

While technical proficiency is crucial, an enterprise solution support should also have a strategic understanding of your business context. The company should be able to determine and fulfill your strategic needs.

For instance, determining whether you need an upgrade would require a profound technical understanding and a strategic comprehension of your business requirements aligned with the solution. It will help you do what’s necessary and advantageous for your business.

7. Customer Feedback

Do not forget to connect with the company’s past and existing clients to get real-time feedback about its support, agility, flexibility, expertise, and experience. Ideally, a genuine enterprise solution support provider should be unhesitant in providing coordinates of its past and existing customers. Beware of those unwilling to provide the details. Knowing customer feedback will help you discuss various otherwise invisible or obscure service aspects and put you in a better position to negotiate.

8. Scalability Support

Scalability is another critical criterion you should evaluate a prospective enterprise solution support provider on. With time, your growing business needs will require equally competent and sizable enterprise solution support. Accordingly, you need an enterprise solution support partner who can scale its team size and support infrastructure based on your evolving and growing business needs.

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