Benefit of Localized Multilingual ChatBots

Enhance and Broaden Your User Support with Localized Multilingual ChatBots

Did you know 39-41 percent of global consumers refrain from buying websites that do not speak their language? This stat could be alarming for you if you are a company with a unilingual website and customer support! It refers to indirectly losing onto a significant chunk of business only because you don’t speak the consumer’s language.

Earlier, the key to globalization was a classy website with rich English content. Back then, localization wasn’t imperative but an option. But that’s not the situation anymore.

Local language internet users are on the rise. Furthermore, users are becoming smarter and more demanding by the day. Unlike yesteryears, today, they have options that they leverage optimally. Thus, providing localized content and enabling more personalized services via localized interactions have become keys to local market expansion.

ChatBots that form the first line of customer support across various business domains have a vital role to play. They help hold prospects, answer their questions and provide them with all the information they need to kickstart their journey with a particular brand. But again, merely having a ChatBot doesn’t suffice! Having multilingual localized chatbots has become a necessity to globalize customer support. Let’s see how.

How Can Localized ChatBots Benefit and Globalize Your Customer Support?

Internet users are now used to ChatBots, as they provide instant information. The AI-powered ones further foster more intelligent conversations. But walking the extra mile and localizing a ChatBot can benefit your company in various ways. Here are some.

1. Enhanced User-Brand Relationship

Imagine providing a user with an option to select the ChatBot language. Wouldn’t it be delightful? That’s where you’d win half the user’s trust!

Localized ChatBots that interact with users in their language and a perfectly localized fashion can lead to seamless and more comfortable user-brand interactions. Eventually, they can help strengthen the user-brand relationship. The more comfortable the user feels with the brand, the lesser the chance of them switching to another one.

2. New Business Opportunities

Multilingual and localized ChatBots with solid analytical capabilities can help you analyze every user-bot conversation. It can help you compute the current market demand and make informed decisions to fulfill them. Additionally, a closer analysis of each conversation can help you understand user concerns and devise solutions. All these efforts can translate to tapping new business opportunities. And, when you are among the few ones doing it, you can have an early starter advantage!

3. Instant and More Meaningful Localized Interactions

Unilingual ChatBots are well-equipped to provide instant responses. But what if the user struggles with the language? They might give up and close the window! The result is a lost opportunity, perhaps forever.

But localized ChatBots that offer the options of several languages, especially those spoken in a particular market, can help avoid such situations.

While providing instant responses, ChatBots trained in multiple languages and various conversations can also help users have more productive interactions. Users will have the information they need and better understand it.

It can help expedite the user’s decision-making process and thus translate to quicker lead closures and sales for the company. Besides, companies can charge a premium for such unique offerings. Nearly 55 percent of consumers wouldn’t mind paying more for it, as far as they get the insights they need in their language.

4. Competitive Advantage

Amid the fierce competition, it is challenging for a company to achieve a competitive edge. It takes delivering truly unique and valuable offerings to outperform the competition. Localized ChatBots could contribute to a company’s endeavors to earn that competitive advantage. With multiple benefits like enhanced user trust, increased user retention, more productive interactions, and quicker decision-making, localized ChatBots can help companies emerge more successfully in a particular market.

Optimize and Globalize Your Customer Support with FidelSoftech’s Localized ChatBots

Considering localization to be the key to sustaining and an effective way to expand local market presence, you need ChatBots that genuinely serve the purpose.

At FidelSoftech, we specialize in designing and developing AI/ML-powered multilingual localized ChatBots for over 100 Indian and foreign languages and multiple business domains. Our support includes understanding user needs, translation, lexicon development, data collection, and localization testing.

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