Challenges implementing IT Infrastructure Management

What are the Challenges Faced while Implementing IT Infrastructure Management?

Implementing an IT infrastructure isn’t a cakewalk. It involves dealing with several intricately intertwined elements like storage and servers, security, operating systems, databases, business applications, etc. Each comes with a unique implementation need.

Thus, IT infrastructure implementation requires meticulous planning, strategy, and resources to ensure success. A little error could drain all the hard work and resources. Let alone the business losses to follow!

If you want to implement your IT infrastructure, you will likely confront a few common challenges. Of course, partnering with experienced IT infrastructure management specialists can help address and resolve them. But proactively knowing a few potential challenges can help you prepare for and combat them.

5 Common IT Infrastructure Implementation Challenges

From establishing objectives to setting up SLAs, these common challenges can prove a roadblock to your implementation endeavors.

1. Prioritizing IT Implementation

The problem with IT infrastructure and the company’s approach towards it is that the former doesn’t directly contribute to a company’s bottom lines. Thus, in many companies, especially smaller ones, IT infrastructure doesn’t receive the attention, priority, and resources it deserves. Of course, downtimes and, consequently, valuable time wasted frustrate business owners! But fundamentally, the approach that keeps IT infrastructure as an afterthought makes effective implementation challenging.

2. Budget Constraints

In line with the previous point, budget constraints are a critical roadblock for IT managers. Companies must understand that IT is an ever-evolving landscape and is as important to a business as its other verticals like sales, marketing, operations, and HR.

Depriving the IT vertical of the wherewithal it requires can render it incompetent. IT managers wouldn’t have the resources to invest in or onboard the latest technologies while implementing the IT infrastructure.

For many companies, it may seem of little importance. But redundancies can eventually outgrow your business and wound it, causing it to bleed from various points.

3. The Absence of Effective Computing Platforms

The absence of cloud computing infrastructure can pull your company back, retarding its growth. While implementing IT infrastructure, you should have competent cloud computing platforms that help overcome challenges like data storage and managing computing operations. Cloud is the need of the hour and has been deemed to be around for years. Thus, implementing an IT infrastructure without cloud computing capabilities could have consequences in the long run – incompetence being one.

4. Service Level Agreements

Establishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) usually comes into the picture when you outsource something. But even if you choose to do something in-house, you should set expectations that help deliver a particular level of service.

However, while setting up SLAs during IT infrastructure implementation, companies cannot determine what success will look like. In addition, they cannot set up efficiency parameters to determine the level of efficiency they expect.

Not establishing the right SLAs may not seem a significant concern, especially while planning to do everything in-house. But not having a particular benchmark in place can affect customer satisfaction on the other end. Companies wouldn’t simply know the level of efficiencies they need to achieve to maintain a particular level of competence.

5. Massive Data Volumes

Data is at the nucleus of IT infrastructure management. For every company, regardless of the volume, data is as valuable as its customers and resources. Thus, companies cannot afford to lose vital data while implementing their IT infrastructure.

But inadequate data storage and incompetent data management prove to be a genuine challenge for the entire project, especially when the data volume to be dealt with is gargantuan. It can affect the operational pace of all the systems, affecting the organization’s overall performance. The point is to transform data into an asset and not a liability, practically a useless burden for the company.

Partnering with an expert IT infrastructure implementation and management can help resolve the above challenges and drastically improve the situation. Fidel Softech proves to be a credible outsourcing resource here. IT infrastructure implementation and management is one of our core expertise. It covers everything from IT infrastructure consulting to final implementation, management, and comprehensive support. Please email us at to learn more about our service proposition.

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