Career in the LangTech sector

Career in the LangTech Sector

LangTech refers to the use of technology in language and vice versa. It is a unique domain that offers employment to linguists, translators and technology specialists, who can contribute to enhance localized experiences. But what are the various career options available in lang tech. FidelSoftech, one of the top lang tech companies, looks at some lucrative career options in this field.

4 Job Positions in LangTech

Let’s look at a few core positions available across language technology.

1. Chatbot Developers

Chatbot developers develop applications that automate communication and enhance customer service. The job involves creating software applications that uses AI/ML to foster human-like interactions between the computer and customers via voice or text. Some of the key responsibilities include the below.

  • Work closely with other teams and developers to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain chatbots
  • Troubleshoot technical concerns
  • Perform conversational data analysis and management
  • Work towards enhancing user experience
  • Realign the chatbot based on evolving needs
  • Conduct chatbot training
  • Maintain and enhance chatbot platforms
  • Integrate chatbot with other platforms
  • Assist from developing the chatbot’s architecture to implementing it
  • Monitor, analyze and report the chatbot’s performance

Some skills essential for this position include knowledge about AI, ML, NLP, Google DialogFlow cognitive service, Microsoft Bot, Rasa, familiarity about DevOps, knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, REST APIs, Ruby, etc.

2. Localization Engineers

Localization engineers bridge the gap between translation and technology, thus enabling businesses to leverage localization to grow. They handle a broad spectrum of tasks like planning and implementing a workflow for exporting, translating and re-integrating content and meta-data for various apps.
Some significant responsibilities included in a localization engineer’s job description include the following.

  • Helping translators if need help troubleshooting their CAT tools
  • Building, compiling and testing – creating images in target languages, performing desktop publishing tasks, resizing dialogs, testing layouts, etc.
  • Preparing for the project (gathering resource files, identifying assets, performing internationalization and pseudo localization testing, etc.)

Some necessary skills include the ability to read codes, knowledge of CAT tools, localization, publishing and editing software like Photoshop, InDesign, etc., understanding content management systems and many other soft and hard skills.

3. Linguists

Linguists and linguistics play a crucial role in the language technology realm. Linguistics primarily study language and factors that impact the language’s use. Their responsibilities include the following.

  • Indulge in translations, interpretations, analyses, and research
  • Complete transcriptions of audio recordings and tabulating data
  • Trace and document the origins of words
  • Translate complex information into simple language
  • Stay updated about new research and development influencing language
  • Identify language patterns
  • Analyze documents and texts

Some skills linguists must have or develop include proficiency in multiple languages, fluency in language, excellent communication, etc.

4. NLP Data Scientist

NLP data scientist is another crucial position across the language technology industry. Some critical responsibilities NLP data scientist fulfill include,

  • Selecting training datasets to model, evaluate and deliver NLP models
  • Developing queries, validating, and export data in multiple formats
  • Creating data collection frameworks for structured and unstructured data
  • Collaborate with experts to iteratively improve NLP models
  • Building comprehensive NLP systems
  • Performing quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Providing support in analyzing and presenting data via statistical analysis, and data visualization techniques

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