Winner of Education Excellence Award 2021, Leena Satpute

Addressing Professional and Social Concerns during pandemic – by Leena Satpute

Pandemic restrictions came as a sudden shock and caught everyone unaware. I was also caught by surprise by sudden lockdown. First few days gone in establishing effective working setup and I managed to reach workable level quickly.

As the restrictions got prolonged, I started thinking about how to do few things I planned but was unable to do earlier.

My social responsibilities was not letting me sit quietly. Hence I teamed up with some likeminded groups to help in a way best possible by me.
I have started a help and support to some of our fellow citizens, families who got impacted due to Covide 19 pandemic.
I have distributed Grocery-Kit to almost 100 Individuals. (Mostly people who was not getting help directly from Central or State government).
(This activity was covered by Newspapers like “Maharastravadi”, “Pune Maza”.)

Also guiding people to open “Jan-dhan” accounts who are not aware of policies, so that they can get Central government benefits.
Students who have lost their parents due to Covid-19, guiding them for Central government initiatives and policies.

I have participated in Government Initiative “Suggestions for Removing Distortions in our History Books”.
Basically this activity is to remove unhistoric facts about national heroes. Additions of missing parts in History.

On learning front,

  1. Submitted my research paper for 8th IEEE UPCON 2021 International Conference. Topic: “Computer Vision and OCR”
  2. Received “Education Excellence Award 2021” in category of “Award for contribution to the Education Community”.
  3. Submitted article to publish on site
  4. Completed certification in “Ancient Indian Art and Architecture”

About Author:
Leena Satpute is Senior Manager in Localization Team of Fidel. She is working on Japanese Project Localization. She had done extensive research on language tools and has authority on it. Her expertize is appreciated many times in the projects.

Ref. No – FB09221027

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