5 Trends Driving Digital Transformation After the Pandemic

5 Trends Driving Digital Transformation After the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that cropped up last year impacted every individual on earth in some or another way. It doomed a lot of otherwise flourishing businesses and compelled many into despair. Besides, it forced almost everyone to change course and adapt to the changes that have happened under the influence of the pandemic.

Digital transformation may not have been one of those many changes, as it has been a significant agenda of the corporate world for years. However, unlike previous years, where the pace of digital transformation was rather steady, today, especially after every change that the pandemic brought in, the pace seems to have accelerated.

Some of the factors driving post-pandemic digital transformation include a rise in contactless interactions, acclimatization to remote working, and the development of analytics to look into the future and prepare for it. Accordingly, FidelSoftech, one of the leading IT and digital transformation solution companies in the world, identifies five major digital transformation trends after the pandemic. Here’s more to them.

5 Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation Trends

1. Development of More Efficient Contactless Solutions

The contagious nature of the pandemic has made remote working, digital transactions, and Work from Home the new normal. Again, since the future still remains under a thick wrap, we do not know how long we will have to live with this newly emerged remote working fashion. Accordingly, the world needs contactless solutions, or in other words, solutions that enable remote interactions and transactions.

As per Deloitte, companies are switching to digital technologies that reduce face-to-face contact. The increasing demand for enhanced video conferencing facilities and the exponential rise in B2B eCommerce services signify the growth of contactless solutions, despite the fact that it isn’t possible to digitalize everything.

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2. Virtual Interactions will Further Strengthen!

2020 remained under the pandemic’s influence. However, with the second wave with which many countries grapple, 2021 too seems to be an extension of 2020 in terms of work routines. And also, since travel remains restricted and banned in some regions, virtual interactions will only grow.

That refers to companies demanding and adopting more refined and efficient video conferencing facilities. Besides, companies will also be seen emphasizing internal messaging and developing social media capabilities.

3. Advanced Analytics for Scenario Planning

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 caused a significant dent in the global economy. However, every hardship that it caused proved a learning for the business world. It made everyone realize the uncertainties and vulnerabilities around and how unprepared the world was for everything!

As a result, enterprises are now looking out for post-COVID scenario planning software to help them develop alternative scenarios to deal with uncertainties. Scenario planning cannot make predictions on its own but helps companies forecast various outcomes after COVID-19.

4. Cloud!

The cloud is projected to cover a broader horizon post-COVID in 2021. It brings a host of sustainable opportunities and paves the way to a better and brighter future. The cloud helps companies break free from the bubble of legacy applications, enables a more efficient remote access to data, facilitates offshore development, and fosters remote employment.

Additionally, the cloud empowers organizations with agility, helps them achieve scalability to keep up with the required efficiency levels, and further achieve the desired production output in the given timeframe. What else? The cloud further augments the business world’s ability to adapt to changes and tap newer opportunities.

5. Faster Internet

Seamless remote working, video conferencing, and a range of other virtual interactions, coupled with the growing use of the internet for almost every business function, refer to the growth of 5G cellular services. Additionally, the introduction of Wi-Fi 6 that forms a similar kind of digital transformation, is slated to triple downloading speeds.

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