Node.js Development Services

Create High Performing, Scalable, Lightweight, and Secure Real Time Node.js Web Applications with Fidel’s Best Node.js Development Services

As an excellent open-source server-side platform, Node.js enables the development of real-time applications. One of the reasons for it is the capability of Node.js servers to scale to handle several requests per second, and that too, with the need to invest in hardware and extra hosting that come with an exorbitant cost. Node.js runs on several platforms, including Windows, UNIX, Mac OS X, and Linux. It is a robust JavaScript-based framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8.

Applications based on Node.js applications, as a rule, exhibit full compatibility with cloud resources and enable the addition and removal of resources. It further helps prevent an application crash, especially in the event of a sudden spike in the web traffic. Another reason Node.js is popular among developers is that it allows the development of mobile and web applications through the application of JavaScript.

Node.js Development Services

At Fidel, we are one of the leading Node.js development companies. Over the years, we’ve evolved and developed our expertise and expertise in developing Node.js applications. Besides, we also specialize in providing end-to-end project management and possess the capability to work as the onshore and offshore external Node.js development team of our clients.

We employ some of the best Node.js developers that customize Node.js applications to suit your business needs and develop the best, scalable, quick, and secure, and real-time Node.js web and mobile applications. Our certified Node.js developers use the open-source, cross-platform JavaScript environment to facilitate customized Node.js applications and the best quality Node.js application development services to our clientele across various industries.

Our Node.js Development Services

We are an end-to-end Node.js development company offering a range of Node.js development services to a wide range of companies worldwide. The technologies we use, coupled with our technological capabilities, help our clients leverage the application of the best Node.js applications. Here’s what we offer in our Node.js value proposition.

Express JS Application Development

Express JS Application Development

Fidel is the best company when it comes to developing applications through the use of the Express JavaScript framework by hosting it within the Node.js runtime environment. Our expertise in this area and diverse experience enable us to leverage Express JS to develop robust, secure, scalable, and highly efficient applications, customized to your business.

Node.js API and Package Development

Our Node.js development expertise enables the development of APIs like REST APIs. These APIs facilitate access to resources and help them modify them through the HTTP protocol. Besides, we also develop customized web-based packages of the required application with the help of Node.js services.

Node.js API and Package Development
Custom Node.js Services

Custom Node.js Services

Every business is different, and therefore, the needs and objectives vary from business to business. At Fidel, we acknowledge the fact and offer the Node.js services and applications exclusively customized for your business, and to help you achieve your objectives through the use of the best, and modern-age technology.

AJAX Development

Based on your needs, we integrate AJAX with technologies such as CSS, XHTML, XHR, and JavaScript. So, no matter the complexity and the nature of your requirement, Fidel does it all and does with ease.

Drupal Intranet Development Services
Nodejs web mobile app development

Node.js Web/ Mobile App Development

Node.js helps you develop seamless and lightweight mobile and web-based applications. Here’s what we develop under the Node.js web and mobile app development umbrella.

  • Content Management Tools:
    Why rely on free content management tools when you can develop your own customized to your business? Fidel’s expertise enables the development of robust Node.js-based content management systems customized to the T!
  • Portal Development:
    We develop every type of portal, whether web-based or internal.
  • Data Analysis Tool:
    Our Node.js developers and experts analyse massive data pools and develop applications through the application of Node.js-based data analysis tool development.
  • Shopping Car Development / eCommerce:
    Our techno-strategic understanding of the eCommerce business enables us to develop the most customized, secure, fastest, and most reliable Node.js applications that match your business needs.
    Test-Driven Development of Node.js Applications (h3)
    We use data-driven A/B testing development to enable an informed decision-making process by testing ideas and the performance of websites.

Test-Driven Development of Node.js Applications

We use data-driven A/B testing development to enable an informed decision-making process by testing ideas and the performance of websites.

Test-Driven Development of Node.js Applications
Node .js Plug-In Development Services

Plug-In Development

Plug-ins plays an essential role in extending the capabilities of a web application or a portal. In this view, we develop customized and integrated Node.js plug-ins to help you increase your application’s capabilities.

Chatbot Development

We integrate the capabilities of AI and Node.js to develop empowered web UI chatbots with a multitude of competitive features and functionalities, including natural language detection, answer discovery, and conversion interaction.

Node .js Chatbot Development Services
Node .js Backend and Dashboard Development Services

Backend and Dashboard Development

Data continues to remain a critical element of every business. In this view, our comprehensive technological prowess and proven expertise enable a simplified data management process through efficient and competent backend and dashboard solutions. We also create interactive and advanced dashboards that provide every bit of information at a glance and keep you in cognizance of everything.

Why choose Node.js for Application Development?

Node.js has kept evolving, and which is why it continues to remain a competitive open-source server-side environment. It is a multipurpose platform that boasts over 4 million users across the globe. The technology brings a host of benefits to the developers as well the companies that prefer it over its counterparts. Here are some of the benefits of Node.js development.

Node.js Quicker Development Process

Quicker Development Process

Applications based on Node.js take lesser time to develop than other technologies. It lets companies enjoy a reduced Go-To-Market time.

Node.js Less Expensive Development Cycle

Less Expensive Development Cycle

With Node.js, you don’t have to recruit or invest a large number of resources. The technology offers a range of competitive features that reduce the overall development, and IT costs as a whole in the long run. So, with less, you do more and complete larger projects in a relatively shorter time.

Node.js Scalability


Scalability will continue to remain a crucial agenda for every company. Node.js, in this view, offers a high range of scalability to handle heavy application loads. This proves a benefit for growing businesses that require the support of a scalable technology by their side.

Node.js Highly Secure

Highly Secure

With Node.js, you can build highly secure, trustworthy, and robust architecture.

Node.js Front and Back-End Development

Front and Back-End Development

Node.js is a JavaScript-based technology. It expedites the development of fast and user-friendly both front-end as well as back-end development.

Efficient and Large-Scale Client-App Communication

Efficient and Large-Scale Client-App Communication

Node.js applications are not only scalable, but heavy-duty business tools, capable of handling a lot of client applications request at a time.

Efficient and Large-Scale Client-App Communication

Thousands of Libraries

Node.js’s Node Package Manager (NPM) comprises thousands of open-source libraries. This factor makes it a popular open-source framework among developers.

Apt for Data Sensitive Applications and Solutions

Apt for Data Sensitive Applications and Solutions

Node.js proves pivotal for companies that employ data-sensitive applications, and solutions that suit their business needs.

Collaboration with AngularJS and ReachJS

Collaboration with AngularJS and ReachJS

Node.js’s collaborative capabilities with other technologies such as AngularJS, and ReachJS enable the development and delivery of robust enterprise solutions.

The versatility of Application

The versatility of Application

Node.js’s versatilities enable the deployment of web apps and APIs. These APIs and web apps can be used with robots and microcontrollers.

Industries we work with

We work with a range of industry verticals, and industries as their Node.js developers. So, we’ve got an understanding of the requirement of almost every business, and project that comes our way.

Our developers and project managers analyse every requirement, and come up with customized solutions that specifically meet the business needs, and help our clients achieve their objectives through the use of technology. Our diverse experience, along with the completion of several successful projects makes one of the best Node.js development companies in the world. Some of the industries with which we continue to work include the following.

eCommerce Travel Consumer Goods
Telecommunication Manufacturing Finance
Entertainment Education Automobile
Healthcare Advertising Banking
Node.js Industries we work with

Why Choose Fidel for Node.js Application Development?

Here are some strong reasons why we are one of the best Node.js development companies in the world, and why many global enterprises, along with several medium and small-sized companies too, choose us as their preferred Node.js application development partners.

Cost-Effective Node.js Solution and Service Packages

Cost-Effective Node.js Solution and Service Packages:

To us, what matters the most is your business, its objectives, and its success. So, we offer customized Node.js solutions through cost-effective and flexible Node.js packages to match your needs, and at the same time, budget.s.

Comprehensive Expertise in Node.js Development

Comprehensive Expertise in Node.js Development:

With us, you leverage every benefit that Node.js offers for the business of your business. We employ some of the best and certified full-stack Node.js developers that possess technology competencies, and the capabilities to fulfil complex requirements, along with the completion of projects within the pre-decided budget, and time.

Scalable, and Robust, and Flexible Node.js Applications

Scalable, and Robust, and Flexible Node.js Applications:

Our developers possess the technical expertise to develop and deliver a range of customized, scalable, robust, and flexible Node.js applications for your business.

Node.js Experience at Global-Scale Projects

Experience at Global-Scale Projects:

Our experience of working as the Node.js developers for a range of multinational companies has helped us build the capabilities to work on global projects and complex requirements.

Best Node.js Resources

Best Node.js Resources:

You can hire the best Node.js resources with Fidel. Our developers and project management specialists work towards the timely completion of your project. They work onsite, as well as offsite, depending on your requirement. So, we serve as your external Node.js team, developing customized web and mobile-based applications.

Comprehensive Range of Node.js Development Services

Comprehensive Range of Node.js Development Services:

We do everything for you. Our range of Node.js development services right from consulting to design and development helps you enjoy the advantages of end-to-end Node.js development services.

Node.js Consulting

Node.js Consulting:

Our team of Node.js specialists and strategists come up with research-based and data-driven solutions by observing the performance of your existing application, and by putting in the necessary thought to recommend a highly-customized, and result-based solution.

Access to the Benefits of Multiple APIs and Frameworks

Access to the Benefits of Multiple APIs and Frameworks:

With us, you leverage the benefits of multiple technologies and frameworks, including Express JS,, Hapi.js, Mojito, JQuery, JSON APIs, JavaScript, Media Query, and REST.

Adherence to NDA

Adherence to NDA:

With us, your data and project details remain secure. We sign an NDA with each of our clients to ensure complete data security and project confidentiality.

Multilingual Round the Clock Support and Maintenance

Multilingual Round the Clock Support and Maintenance:

Our Node.js technical support specialists offer multilingual and round the clock support for all your offices spread throughout multiple geographies.

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