Enterprise Application Support Services

Support Business Growth and Maintain Optimal Application Efficiency through Fidel’s Comprehensive Enterprise Application Support and Maintenance Services

Enterprise applications demand timely support, and comprehensive maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency, and scalability to support operational efficacy, along with enterprise business growth.

A few critical moments of breakdown or significant equipment failure may hamper production, affect customer service, and prove detrimental to the company’s reputation. Besides, the ever-increasing complexities of the modern IT environment, make support, and maintaining enterprise software even more critical for a company to avoid interruptions.

The tech space categorizes software maintenance into four broad categories. It includes corrective software maintenance, adaptive software maintenance, perfective software maintenance, and preventive software maintenance.

All these maintenance types aim to maintain the efficiency of software through the correction of defects, proactive and reactive fixing of minor and major technical issues, maintaining the existing capabilities, further enhancing them, and so on. The idea to keep the software up and running and optimize its capabilities to support business operations, strategy, and growth.

Enterprise Application Support Services

At Fidel, we are one of the leading enterprise application and support and maintenance partners. We continue to work with a diverse range of clients across various industries of various sizes. Our expert and certified software application support specialists work round the clock to keep your software engines running at all times, by minimizing hassles and give your company the perpetual technology advantage over your competitors.

Our Enterprise Application Maintenance Support Services

Our application maintenance support encompasses a wide range of services that help you reap the benefits of using the software for your business. Here’s our comprehensive range of enterprise application and maintenance support proposition.

Application Support and Maintenance, Fidel

Application Support and Maintenance

We offer a wide range of services under our application support and maintenance umbrella. Our services include promotional and functional support for customized applications. It comprises second-level support, reporting requirements, upgrades, patches, and working on security-related and functional enhancements.

Error Tracking and Bug Fixing

Our experts continually monitor the performance of your application, and ensure proactive identification of errors. Alongside, our accurate resolutions and bug fixing process gives you the technological edge, as we, most of the times, resolve errors much before they surface, or start affecting the performance of the application.

Error Tracking and Bug Fixing, Fidel
Version Upgrades, Enterprise applications

Version Upgrades

Enterprise applications demand regular and continual upgrades to stay competitive and deliver optimized performance at all times. At Fidel, we ensure regular version upgrades to keep your application a high-performing business tool at all times.

Application Re-engineering

Our application re-engineering solutions and services help you augment your applications’ competency, aligning them with the needs of the modern business and IT environments.

Application Re-engineering, Fidel
Performance Management, Fidel

Performance Management

At Fidel, we measure the performance of every application based on its availability, speed, and reliability. We do service-level-based monitoring, performance tuning, and optimization for application, web, and database server environments.

Application Migration and Integration

Our application migration and integration services aim at helping our clients optimize their IT environments to achieve a higher level of productivity, coupled with high organizational performance. The application of cutting-edge technologies enables us to integrate and fine-tune your infrastructure, business applications, and systems.

Application Migration and Integration
Helpdesk Support, Fidel

Helpdesk Support

Our round the clock helpdesk provides remote technical support wherever you want. Our support specialists are customer-, and result-oriented professionals that don’t leave any stone unturned to deliver the most accurate solutions, and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Performance Testing

After all, you deploy an application to perform! Hence, performance testing constitutes an essential part of our service proposition. Our qualified testers check your enterprise application thoroughly, and across various aspects to deliver a high-quality, high-performance, and optimized enterprise application for your business.

Performance Testing, Fidel
End-to-End User Support, Fidel

End-to-End User Support

We handhold your users throughout, and at all times. Right from logging the query, to devising a solution, and further seeking user feedback, our support specialists deliver comprehensive user support.


We document every incident, and record the details of the incident response to facilitate a comprehensive log, and for quick query resolution in the future.

Enterprise Application Documentation, Fidel

Industries we Work with

As one of the leading, and also among the most experienced enterprise application support and maintenance service providers in the world, we continue to work with several local, as well as global enterprises from various industries.

The results we deliver, distinguish us from others on the market, and which is why a lot of reputed multinational enterprises choose as their application support and maintenance partner. Some of the industries with which we work include the following.

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Education
  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Healthcare and many others

Benefits of Application Maintenance and Support

Software application maintenance and support help you maintain software’s efficiency, and leverage, and optimize its functionalities based on the evolving needs of your business. Hence, enterprise application maintenance and support constitute a critical IT investment for every company.

There are five reasons why application maintenance and support are imperative in modern and complex IT and business environments.

1. Enhancing Software Capabilities:

Capability enhancement includes improving the features and functions of the software application. It aims to align the application and its capabilities with the dynamic business environment, thus helping the company maintain its competence. Capability enhancement also comprises enhancing the software platform, upgrading hardware, workflows, and other aspects that drive various business processes.

Enhancing Software Capabilities, Fidel
Fixing Bugs, Fidel

2. Fixing Bugs:

Bug fixing is one of the most critical elements when it comes to operating the software in a seamless manner. The bug fixing process involves identifying and correcting code errors that occur across various aspects of the software, including the operating system, hardware, etc. Nevertheless, bug fixing must not affect the other parts of the software or hamper the different routine workflows that depend on the application.

3. Improving the Performance of Software:

Enhancing system performance includes a wide range of tasks. It employs a team of developers that test the application to detect and resolve technical issues. It protects software from security threats and from vulnerabilities that may prove harmful to the entire system.

Improving the Performance of Software, Fidel
Application Re-engineering

4. Application Re-engineering:

Application re-engineering is another essential reason that makes application maintenance and support a significant aspect of every company’s IT environment. Application re-engineer refers to fine-tuning it with the future needs of the business. It involves re-engineering the application through date and code restructuring. Not choosing re-engineer the application doesn’t necessarily affect the functionality. But, over a while, the system may turn redundant and point towards develop a new application altogether, thereby increasing IT costs.

5. Checking for Outdated Functions, and removing them from the System:

Over a while, some functionalities of software may turn redundant. They simply don’t hold relevance anymore; therefore, their presence may only impede the functioning of other relevant and useful features. In this view, support and maintenance specialists check software for such obsolete functions, remove them to make way for newer functionalities, and optimize efficiency.

Checking for Outdated Functions, and removing them from the System, Fidel

Why Choose Fidel for Enterprise Application Maintenance and Support

Here are ten reasons why you must choose us for your enterprise application support and maintenance.

Access to, and Application of Key Technologies

Access to, and Application of Key Technologies:

Our expertise at, and access to a broad array of modern technologies contribute to our reputation and the success of your business. We apply the latest technologies and leverage the best practices to integrate with legacy software applications.

Tested and Proven Processes and Methods

Tested and Proven Processes and Methods:

At Fidel, we apply proven methodologies for domain agnostic use cases and needs. Besides, as technology and enterprise application experts, we formulate recommendations that foster an improvement in the results.

Diverse Industrial Experience

Diverse Industrial Experience:

We continue to work with a variety of industries. Our techno-strategic understanding of almost industry puts us in a better position to work on various projects, irrespective of the complexities involved.

Onsite and Offshore Support and Maintenance Staff

Onsite and Offshore Support and Maintenance Staff:

We provide onsite as well as offsite support and maintenance staff to our clients. So, you may choose your alternative based on your requirement, your objectives, feasibility, and budget.

Result-Oriented Thought Process

Result-Oriented Thought Process:

We focus on results, and hence, every technology and resource we use for your project aims at helping you achieve the desired measurable results.

Wide range of-Enterprise application support and maintenance services

Wide Range of Enterprise Application Support and Maintenance Services:

We offer a comprehensive array of enterprise application support and maintenance services throughout the enterprise application lifecycle, from package assessment to implementation, migration, and upgrade.

Efficient and Comprehensive Project Management

Efficient and Comprehensive Project Management:

Our developers, support specialists, project leads, and project managers work towards project completion in the stipulated time while delivering the highest quality.

Expert Resources

Expert Resources:

We employ the best, most experienced, and certified technology experts and enterprise application specialists for your project. We assign a project manager for your project, who updates you regularly about the project and works as a single point of contact for all your queries, concerns, and overall project communication.

Customized Enterprise Application Maintenance and Support Packages

Customized Enterprise Application Maintenance and Support Packages:

Our packages are competitively priced to help you leverage the benefits of your enterprise application, and achieve your long-term business, cost-effectively.

Flexible Approach to Incorporate Changes

Flexible Approach to Incorporate Changes:

Our approach is flexible enough to incorporate eleventh-hour changes to the project. It helps us serve your dynamic needs, and deliver the quality levels you expect from us.

Outsource Your Enterprise Application Maintenance and Support to Fidel

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