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Unleash and Optimize the Benefits of CMS Development Services Development with Fidel

Content constitutes one of the most significant and fundamental components of your website and your business. Readable, authentic, and relevant content on your website can help you outperform your competitors in search engine visibility and get new prospects for your business. But, then again, managing content is as essential as content itself is. Hence, CMS!

At Fidel, we design and deliver custom CMS to help you easily update and manage content on your website. The CMSs we develop employ the latest and cutting-edge technologies and let you manage content without the need for any technical expertise whatsoever. With Fidel, you get complete control over your website, and you modify, add, delete the content, and the structure of your website.

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We employ expert, experienced, and certified CMS developers, QC engineers, and CMS project managers. Our resources analyse your CMS needs and develop a custom CMS that completely fits your business. They are well-equipped with the technical and strategic know-how and application of various technologies such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and many others.

We ensure that we use the most appropriate technologies based on the features and functionalities you need. Besides, our project managers make sure that you get a CMS that fits your budget and proves a sustainable content management solution for you in the form of the capabilities to facilitate easy and continual content upgrades.

Our CMS Development Solutions and Services

Our focused and custom CMS development solutions aim at empowering with various business-specific functionalities that help you leverage the power of content to the benefit of your business. Here are some of the CMS development services and solutions we offer at Fidel.

Custom CMS Development

Custom CMS Development

We build secure CMS applications that match your business needs. Our custom CMS development involves end-to-end development coupled with installation and setup support to ensure a complete content management solution for your business. Our expertise also includes other services including the following.

  • SiteCore Architecture Design
  • SiteCore Development, Migration & Integration
  • DotNetNuke Development Services
  • Custom CMS Workflow Development
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Kentico Modules & Portal Development
  • Kentico Development Services
  • Custom SharePoint Development Services
  • Sitefinity Development, Migration & Integration
  • DNN Customization Services and many others based on the needs and demands of our clients.

Enterprise CMS Development

We develop Enterprise Content Management Systems to augment the existing workflows. Conventional web CMSs simplify the digitization and indexing of paper content, designate user roles, schedule content publications, and automate workflows. Our technological capabilities further enable us to configure popular third-party enterprise CMSs like DocuShare, SiteCore, Confluence, and many others.

Enterprise CMS Development
CMS Integration

CMS Integration

We develop and connect APIs that facilitate seamless communication between your CMS and other business applications. It includes applications such as CRM, sales and marketing automation, and document and digital asset management.

Besides, our capabilities to integrate Centralized Business Intelligence and Analytics Software, help you study factors such as user behavior, visitor demographics, and conversions.

CMS Platforms with In-Built SEO Tools

Conventional CMSs require external plug-ins to manage the SEO part. But, our technological expertise enables us to develop a CMS platform that has inherent SEO tools. The CMS platforms we develop help you create SEO-friendly content after the installation.

Besides, you also enjoy the in-built capability to create perfect and SEO-friendly URLs, manage metadata, and leverage other features such as integration with social media profiles, performance analysis, indexing, and authentication with Google, and develop beneficial link profiles.

CMS Platforms with In-Built SEO Tools
CMS Support and Maintenance

CMS Support and Maintenance

Our comprehensive CMS development services include a prompt and multilingual CMS support and maintenance services as well. Our qualified CMS developers and experts offer round the clock, and seamless technical support to ensure uninterrupted CMS operations.

Our support team also comprises multilingual resources that offer CMS support in different languages. So, don’t worry if you’ve got CMS users across various countries, our specialists speak your language so that you don’t have to live with linguistic challenges! We also render CMS maintenance services to ensure CMS competence and seamless operations.

Benefits of a Custom Content Management System

Content is something that demands investments that pay you well in the long run. In the view, investing in CMS proves a prudent business decision, owing to the benefits that it brings to the table. Here are some of the benefits of a custom content management system that fits well for your business.

The ease of Management

The ease of Management

CMSs are easy to manage. One can easily understand and gain expertise over basic CMS functions such as writing and publishing content, and advanced ones such as adding media, etc. Someone without a technical background, too, can manage them easily without any hassles. So, you don’t have to train your resources on the working of a CMS.

Improved Site Maintenance

Improved Site Maintenance

Employing a CMS for your website doesn’t require you to make changes to every page of your website. With a CMS, as the underlying architecture remains the same, you can update the CMS software, make maintenance changes, and add functionalities to it without interrupting the site’s operations. Some CMSs, in fact, facilitate automatic updates without letting you look into it.

The ease of Management

Comprehensive Content Management

A CMS enables you to customize your content and include it on the website. Besides, you easily manage essential functions such as content upgrades, updates, and changes with minimal training and technical hassles. A full-fledged and competitive CMS also includes SEO to ensure a better search engine ranking for your website. This constitutes another factor why companies are increasingly turning towards CMSs.

Improved Site Maintenance

Better Control over the Website

With a CMS by your side, your exercise better control over your website. A CMS gives you the ability to assign tasks and roles and allows you to keep a regular check over the progress.

Ease of Making Changes

Ease of Making Changes

CMS allows you to make changes to your website easily. It simplifies the process of making changes, for instance, making changes to the design of the website, without letting the website operations hamper. Besides, a CMS also facilitates changes in the administrative dashboard and update it to the entire site. Such functionality helps you keep the website’s appearance consistent throughout.

Our Technology Stack

We keep upgrading and updating our technology stack. This ability and approach, which keeps us growing and upgrading with time, is advantageous for our clients, as they get the best of technological solutions and services at all times. Our technology stack comprises the latest technologies that help us exceptionally efficient CMS solutions, regardless of the technical complexities or intricate business demands of our esteemed clients.

Web Services: 

Xamarin, CSS, HTML, Web APIs, Ajax, AngularJS, Bootstrap, JQuery, Knockout, DevExpress, JSon, Kendo-UI, ReactJS, and many others

Web Applications: 

SiteCore, Kentico, DNN, SharePoint, ASP, and Sitefinity.

AWS Cloud Security
AWS Cloud Security

Industries we work with

At Fidel, our techno-strategic capabilities make us a better player than every other in the market. Our comprehensive range of CMS development services, along with our understanding of every business, puts us in a better position to serve companies from different business domains. Over the years, we’ve developed CMS solutions for diverse businesses, including the following.

FinTech | Aviation | Retail | Manufacturing | Entertainment and Media
| Real Estate | Agriculture | Logistics | Transport | Healthcare

Specific Advantages of Choosing Fidel for CMS Developments

As one of the leading CMS development companies in the world, we offer some CMS development-specific reasons to choose us as the CMS development partner of your company. So, here’s why choosing as your custom CMS development provider proves beneficial in the long run.

1. Enhanced Functionalities

A CMS-based website integrates better, and to a greater extent, if you enhance its functionalities. Our expert and experienced CMS developers develop advanced and enhanced functionalities that contribute to optimized CMS operations.

2. Template Integration

Our experience at CMS development allows you to integrate the template of your choice on your website. This proves helpful while increasing your website traffic.

3. Content Maintenance

Content maintenance constitutes a significant concern for every enterprise, regardless of its size. But, with Fidel, content maintenance and management doesn’t remain a concern. The CMSs we develop come with in-built content maintenance features that keep you away from the worries and hassles of content maintenance. It also proves beneficial on the cost front, as you get all the features in the CMS.

4. CMS-Based Website Development

Websites have become an integral part of the success of every business. So, our developers do exactly what is required out of a website that contributes to the success of the business. They deliver an efficient and highly optimized CMS-based website that proves beneficial to the business across multiple fronts.

5. SEO-Friendliness, and Theme and Plug-in Customization

While developing a CMS, we ensure the development of an SEO-friendly structure and URL. It helps you outperform your competitors on the SEO front. Besides, our CMS developers customize themes and plug-ins to let you enjoy an uninterrupted service. We customize these elements keeping your requirement and business needs in mind.

Why Choose Fidel for Custom CMS Development

Here are some reasons that make us one of the best custom CMS development companies in the world. These reasons also establish our reputation and credibility amidst the highly competitive CMS development market out there.

Pre-Market Testing

Exceptional Technical Proficiency:

Our expertise at applying appropriate technologies, and applications based on the needs of our clients define our technical proficiency, and give us the edge over our competitors.

Project-Specific Models

Application of Advanced and Superior Tools and Technologies:

Our developers are well-equipped with the knowledge and application expertise of various advanced tools and technologies. It helps us fulfil our commitment to developing a highly customized and high-performance Content Management System for our clients.

Feature Management

Competitive Priced Custom CMS Development Packages:

Besides delivering exceptional CMS solutions, we create a win-win situation for our clients on the cost front as well. Our CMS development packages are competitively priced. We prepare budget estimates based on the needs of our clients, and the features and functionalities.

Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Unmatched Coding Expertise:

We’ve got some of the best coding experts that create exceptional codes, which, in turn, translate into a world-class and high-performance CMS solution for every business.

Team of Certified Software Product Development Professionals

Organized CMS Development Process:

We are a unit of focused and solution-oriented individuals that believe in deriving solutions out of an organized process. At Fidel, we follow an organized CMS development process that helps us develop, and lets you enjoy a high-performance customized CMS application.

Dedicated Resources and Project Manager

Dedicated Resources and Project Manager:

For us, every project is important, and hence, we assign the best of our resources, along with a dedicated project manager for every project. These resources work offsite, as well as onsite based on your needs. Outsourcing your CMS development project to us helps you save on recruitment costs, and also leave you with the bandwidth to focus on your core business. Our project managers lead the entire project and overcome every challenge to ensure the delivery of a quality product within the stipulated time.

Customized and Flexible Product Development Packages

Experience of Working with Diverse Industries:

Over the years, we’ve worked with companies from several industries across the globe. Such global exposure, experience, and evolved expertise works to the advantage of our clients. It helps us understand their needs better and develop a CMS solution that meets their expectations. Our clientele includes companies from travel, automotive, healthcare, eCommerce, banking, education, insurance, and many other business domains.

Wide Range of Product Development Services

On-Demand scaling of the Development Team:

With us, you can beef up your external CMS development team whenever you want. We provide additional resources as and when you require, and ensure seamless project progress throughout.

Customized and Flexible Product Development Packages

Multilingual Resources and Support:

One of the best and unique features of partnering with Fidel is multilingual technical support. Our multilingual resources offer CMS support for users from different countries in the world. Our proven expertise in over 100 Indian and foreign languages is beneficial from the viewpoint of seamless user communication, increasing user trust and satisfaction.

Outsource Your CMS Development to Fidel, India

The CMS solution that fits your business is right here at Fidel. Connect with us at or contact us at +91-20-49007800, and our CMS experts will be happy to assist you and discuss your CMS requirements. Fill the form and get in touch if you have any questions or doubts and we will get in touch with you shortly.