Amazon Web Services

Optimize the Power of Cloud with the Best AWS Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the popular cloud platforms with high computing capabilities and a range of database management facilities to enable business growth at lower costs. At Fidel, we are a leading AWS service provider. We offer AWS consulting to AWS migration. If you want to outsource AWS services or hire AWS resources for your business or your client, partner with Fidel!

Amazon Web Services

Our AWS Services

Our comprehensive range of product development services covers every essential function that leads to an unmatched and highly efficient software product. Here’s what you get out of partnering with Fidel for product development as a service.

AWS Consulting

AWS Consulting

We help companies identify the right set of AWS applications based on their business objectives and cloud requirements. We help our clients achieve their objectives through the appropriate combination of AWS applications and services. In this way, we enable companies to optimize AWS and derive optimal value from it.

AWS Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud, in the view of increased agility and flexibility, has become imperative for businesses. Accordingly, we formulate cost-effective yet sustainable cloud migration strategies that enable moving your existing IT systems and applications to AWS Cloud.

AWS Cloud Migration
AWS Cloud Security

AWS Cloud Security

Often, companies do not prefer sharing their data over the cloud platform on account of security and data protection concerns. However, with Fidel, you remain assured about the highest levels of data security. Under the AWS Cloud security umbrella, we cover network security, data security, identity and access management, security information and event management, cloud access security, security management, compliance, and governance.

AWS Database Migration

No matter your database, whether PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, we ensure efficient and comprehensive database migration to AWS. Our AWS experts ensure cost-effective and quick migration of your database to the AWS data platform.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel
Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS Well-Architected Framework facilitates architectural best practices across designing and operate efficient, secure, reliable, and cost-efficient systems across the cloud. It enables you to build a secure, resilient, and efficient infrastructure. We leverage AWS Well-Architected Framework to help you build the best and value-driven IT infrastructure.

AWS Resourcing

We provide certified AWS resources on a part-time or full-time basis for a range of AWS projects. These resources remain on our roll, thus relieving you from the cumbersome task of searching, recruiting, and then managing AWS resources. Besides, we also work as the AWS recruitment partner for various companies, helping them recruit certified AWS professionals for their needs.

Comprehensive Product Testing Services, Fidel

Why Choose Fidel as your AWS Services Partner?

Here are five reasons that make the best AWS service provider.

Pre-Market Testing

Cost-Effective AWS Services:

One of the intentions to move to the cloud, particularly AWS, is to save IT costs. Accordingly, we provide cost-efficient AWS, thereby minimizing your IT investments to a considerable extent.

Project-Specific Models

Certified AWS Professionals:

We employ a range of certified AWS professionals that devise the best and the most sustainable AWS strategies. They ensure overall IT efficiency through customized AWS service meant to help you achieve your objectives.

Feature Management

AWS Strategies:

Our AWS strategies are cost-effective, sustainable, and extremely efficient. They help you optimize your AWS investments and achieve IT excellence in the long run.

Application of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Best AWS Resourcing:

We understand how intricate and time-consuming it could be to recruit certified AWS resources. But with Fidel by your side, you don’t have to step out to search AWS resources. We facilitate full-time and part-time AWS resources suited to your business needs. Besides, we also help you recruit the best AWS professionals depending on your needs.

Exclusive Focus on User Experience

Comprehensive Range of AWS Services:

Our comprehensive range of AWS services makes us the best AWS partners for companies across the globe.

Outsource Your Amazon Web Services to Fidel

Partner with Fidel for the best outsourced AWS services. Connect with us at +91-20-49007800  or write to us at for a detailed discussion on your AWS requirement. Fill the form and get in touch if you have any questions or doubts and we will get in touch with you shortly.